What Gnomes Want

I put up this poll the other day.  I am afraid I phrased it very poorly due to the limitations of Twitter.

History of the race was clear enough.  We have deep history stories about elves and dwarves, but not much about gnomes.

When I say Gnomeregan’s Status, I feel like that was a lot more narrow than what it could have been.  What gnomes really want to see is a normal functioning gnome society.  All the gnome outposts, including New Tinkertown are places that have been throw together in a hurry by refugees.  We want to see what gnomes look like at their best, when they’ve had time to apply themselves and build a stable society.

Gnome adventures means gnome heroes.  We need more gnomes that gnome player can comfortably emulate.  An example of what a paragon of gnomish-ness looks like when filter through the lens of class, spec, or any profession OTHER THAN engineering.  Gnomes that remind us that even though we don’t have a city, we do still fit in on Azeroth.


An Assemblage or a Fulcrum

The votes are in.  “An Assemblage of Gnomes” won the poll, but “a Fulcrum of Gnomes” was very popular with the comment section.

I de-compiled the twitter response and re compiled them.  Weighted them by “like” and “retweet” and the threw out votes for words I didn’t like (such as punt)  I am still a tyrannical dictator and throwing out votes is one of the perks!

Results are ‘organized’ below


Hallowed Wand production!

We’ve been cranking out these babies like crazy this year!


I love having a season when I can visit Stormwind, Orgrimmar, or any other place I like with impunity.

AND!  With our newest invention I can come and go from garrisons as I please!


Dress up in your leper gnome costume, or force you guards to dress and send pictures to me @siccothermaplug !

The bet with @Arakkoa

I actually hope I lose, lol.  I do WANT to see Mekkatorque added to the game (It makes it for more likely that I will be added!).  And the fervent fandom that has grown around Pepe has stopped making sense to me.

Plus, with a real life, work and kids, I have not drawn anything in a while.  It’s be nice to HAVE TO draw something so that I actually do it.

ArakoaI’ve asked @Arakkoa before what distinguishing characteristics Verroak has, but I all remember him saying was “He’s real old”

Come on Verroak!  Lets have it!  Beak shape?  Plumage style?  Plumage pattern/color?  Moles frekles?  A feather that breaks the pattern? Cracked beak? eye color? Extra hunch, Light Hunch?

When other Arakkoa describe Verroak, what do they say?  “Oh you know Verroak, he the one with the __________.”

The Bet is ON!

I have a bet now with @Arakkoa of https://arakkoa.wordpress.com/ fame.

He thinks that Mekkatorque will be added to Heroes of the Storm BEFORE Pepe is added to HotS.

I think that Pepe will make it in to HotS ((either as a Skin, Mount or some kind of new cosmetic accessory any character can wear on their head)) BEFORE Mekkatorque makes it in.

the wager?  Who ever loses has to draw a picture of the other persons character exercising their craft.  I’ll draw a picture of Verroak mixing potions, OR he will draw a picture of ME piloting a giant mech!  This all hinges on what they announce before the end of the year. *Edit: 01/01/2017

With Blizzcon coming up, surly the roster for HotS will be expanded.  Who will it be?  The racial leader of the ever overlooked gnomes?  Of the bird that is a bird, that sits on you head and wears funny hats!?

Gnome Pride Rant #OOC

Why do I have Gnome Pride?  Why do am I annoyed when people make fun of gnomes?

I consider my self an above average intelligence person.  I’m of average-ish height.  For some reason I feel personally slighted when people make fun of gnomes.  Most people I dismiss.  But when someone that works at Blizzard makes fun of gnomes, it really irks me.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe it’s because I’ve played off and on the same Gnome as my main for 10 years.  I’ve invested a lot of time in to the game through that character.

I play a warrior.  As a player my character can never be the hero of the day, but I have no surrogate in the story. If you play an orc Shaman, there’s Thrall.  None of the Warriors in game do I feel like my character can relate too.  All the Gnome NPCs are so busy being engineers (Mekkatorque included) that none of them seem to have time to be Mages, Rogues, Warriors, etc.  Professions in Warcraft define very little about your character except maybe which mount they ride.

We’re coming off a World of Orccraft expansion (featuring Draenei), and are about to roll in to a World of Elfcraft expansion, and I know there is never going to be a World of Gnomecraft expansion.  I feel like admitting it will make it come true, but I already know it’s true, so no harm admitting it right?

The Legion announcement left me a little deflated.  It has a lot of cool stuff in it, but I was having such wonderful time imagining about what else next expansion could have had in it.

Playing a gnome is like being at a 7 course dinner, and while everyone else keeps getting different things to eat, for some reason they give you a salad for every course.  I see appetizers, entrees, and desserts, but they aren’t for me, I have to order off the kids menu.

Hearthstone was the best we were ever going to get it with Goblins vs Gnomes, and we still got second billing.

I made the @SiccoThermaplug twitter handle to make noise for more gnomes in Warcraft.  I really enjoy doing Sicco and am not going to stop.  I created the account with the idea that others like @Gnomeregan4ever or @HTMekkatorque would have more to say if there was a foil around for them to batter around.  I’m still going to do that, but I feel like I need to admit to myself that it is not going to work.

I’m not sure what the point (if any) of this rant is, but there it is.

/end rant.


#FF @HTMekkatorque


Follow @HTMekkatorque on Twitter.

I need this to be a fair fight so I don’t get a bunch of belly aching whiners after the election.  That way I can TRULY prove my vast supreme-ness!  Bring it on Mekkatorque, you are going down once and for all!

Don’t be fooled by imitators.

((There are a lot of imitators.))