Transmog Store

HelmsShopEyepatches2A few weeks ago, Matthew Rossi over at Blizzard Watch wrote a couple of articles about transmog and they made me think.  What would I buy from the store for transmog?  Why don’t I like the three helms they have available?

I think I don’t like the helms because of how stylized they are.  Each one looks like it is a part of a larger set.  You can not buy one to complement your transmog, you have to build an outfit around the helm.  What I really want are simpler items that I can use with a variety of outfits.

I would like to see more flexible RP options in the transmog store. For example, some people use the [Crimson Beholder Eye] as a plate ‘eye-patch’ (even though it is a monocle).  If I could buy and [Eyepatch] that came with ~10 different recolors or patterns, I would snatch that up.  The same if true for generic hoods and goggles.  If there was a bundled kit full of colors to match lots of outfits, I would be much more inclined to buy them.  I would also love a hood/cowl/mask option that would automatically match the color scheme of my guild tabard.
The three helms they have in the store already could even be improved by simply adding a few tint shifts for them so we can make the helm match what we are wearing instead of the other way around.  Jewel of the Firelord/Fel Lord/Frost Lord/Light Lord/Shadowlord anyone?

Helms2Right now the role-play options for plate wears is esspecially low.  We have goggles now, but we still can’t wear eye-patches, blind folds, masks, most monocles, or hats.  Opening these up across armor types would make me very happy.



The One True Leper Transmog Set (Can’t Actually be Transmog’ed)


It’s the Hyperion set, with Bloodscale Pauldrons. Sadly we can get the Rocket helm, but not transmog it.  I use a [Stylish Red Shirt] to complete the look.  The sleeves are a little darker red than the plain red shirt and the black/brown areas give it some contrast that it needs.

#TransmogTuesday Challenge!

It’s #TransmogTuesday!  I issued a challenge last week and want to see what YOU have to offer!  Come up with an outfit to match this New TAMABLE Mechanostider from Gnomeregan!

Wardrobe Panic!

I panicked of the fate of my Wardrobe.  When WoWhead launched their Quest Wardrobe tool I loaded my main in to it and looked at all the plate and weapons he had unlocked, everything was great, old quest stuff was in there, beautiful!

Then I logged in on a really old Alt.  How old?  Vanilla old.  When Cata came out, someone sent me a Scroll of Resurrection and I used in on this character, boosted him to 80, and transferred him to a new server.  How long has it been since then?  well, he’s level 81 so that should give you some context.

When I loaded this old character, I was HORRIFIED to find he did not have any Pre-Cata quest rewards.  I assumed (I think wrongly now) that the transfer had wiped his pre-cata quest history.

So I did another experiment.  My roommate had a character on my account who has not been played since BC.  He had something like 8 quest rewards total.  So I’ve finally managed to call myself down, I assume that these characters are not loading correctly or competently in to WoWhead because they have not been logged in to in so long, so their armory entries are probably not 100% up to snuff to pull the data from.

Crisis averted, heart rate slowing.  I’m secure knowing I’ll have most of the Pre-cata armor Avaiable to Warriors, Hunter and Rogues. I’m sad now I never managed to level a clothy pre-cata that I did not end up deleting.



Gnome Transmog

All the Gnomeregan Transmog guides I read leave out the Shimmering Regalia and it’s recolors.  That is weird to me, because SO MANY gnomes wear it.  It seems to be the go-to Engineer uniform on Azeroth.


True it only really works for clothys, but I mean, you can use any matching shoulders!  It seems like the bigger the shoulder pads the higher the rank.

Shimmer High