What Gnomes Want

I put up this poll the other day.  I am afraid I phrased it very poorly due to the limitations of Twitter.

History of the race was clear enough.  We have deep history stories about elves and dwarves, but not much about gnomes.

When I say Gnomeregan’s Status, I feel like that was a lot more narrow than what it could have been.  What gnomes really want to see is a normal functioning gnome society.  All the gnome outposts, including New Tinkertown are places that have been throw together in a hurry by refugees.  We want to see what gnomes look like at their best, when they’ve had time to apply themselves and build a stable society.

Gnome adventures means gnome heroes.  We need more gnomes that gnome player can comfortably emulate.  An example of what a paragon of gnomish-ness looks like when filter through the lens of class, spec, or any profession OTHER THAN engineering.  Gnomes that remind us that even though we don’t have a city, we do still fit in on Azeroth.


An Assemblage or a Fulcrum

The votes are in.  “An Assemblage of Gnomes” won the poll, but “a Fulcrum of Gnomes” was very popular with the comment section.

I de-compiled the twitter response and re compiled them.  Weighted them by “like” and “retweet” and the threw out votes for words I didn’t like (such as punt)  I am still a tyrannical dictator and throwing out votes is one of the perks!

Results are ‘organized’ below


Gnomes with CLASS!

Which class makes the most since to add for gnomes?  Which would you most like to see?

Heroic Gnomes of Azeroth

There are not enough heroic gnomes.  (See my last post about how mush the failure and do nothing Mekkatorque.)

I mean seriously, look at our options here! When was the last time any of these gnomes did ANYTHING!?

Honorable mentions.  Linken is not on the list, because he is literally a joke.  We want our OWN heroes not cheap imitations.  Brink is not on the list because he does not appear in game.  Chomie is a dragon, not truly a gnome.

Also! Shame on you for making me hunt so hard for a female gnome to include on the list.  YES YOU!