What CLASS is Mekkatorque

What class is Mekkatorque?

First I am going to assume he is a class that players can be (and therefore, not a Tinker).  Two things narrow down the class list right away. Clearly Mekkatorque wears plate, and his eyes do not glow blue, which leaves us with Warrior and Paladin.

Mekkatorque fights with a one handed mace, and shield.  That fact would seem to run counter to Arms and Fury Warriors, and Holy and Retribution Paladins.

So he must protection spec’ed, either as a Warrior or Paladin.

Player gnomes can not be paladins, but NPCs seem to be able to skirt class restrictions.  Lets call the fact that PC gnomes can’t be Paladins +1 for Warrior, and -1 for Paladin.

The Freethinker’s Plate Gelbin wears, and mace he wields give a bonus’ to intellect.  In fact most armor from engineering or with armors that features moving gears on it gives intellect, like the Timepiece of the Bronze Flight. That’s +1 for Paladin.  In addition to that maces are a part of the paladin kit.  Gnomeregan has an ‘official’ sword in the Gnomeregan Bone Chopper.  Many gnome NPC’s in New Tinkertown use it, but not Mekkatorque, +1/2 for paladin.

Mekkatorque also shoots lasers!  Mekkatorque Ray is a beam of light that he shoots at Crushcog.  The visual on Mekkatorque Missile is also a large flash of light.  His third non-melee attack is a Goblin Dragon Gun, which come from engineering and not a class. Light based attacks +1 paladin.

Mekkatorque is always jolly.  He laughs a lot! We never see any RAGE from him. -1 Warrior.

That brings the score to Warrior 0, Paladin 1.5

But math is boring and non-descriptiveness, so lets look at Mekkatorque’s story and see what we can find.  My theory is that Mekkatorque has been either a Warrior or Tinker since the launch of the game.  It fit with the gnome kit at the time, and there was not a lot of development for gnomes in Vanilla beyond The Grand Betrayal.

Then the Lich King invaded (Patch 3.0), and scourge zombies were roaming the streets of every major city on Azeroth.  And in our fight against them, gnomes get this quest: http://wow.gamepedia.com/Quest:Ironforge_(gnome)Mekkatorque_old_model

You receive an artifact of great power from a Naaru that you bring to Mekkatoque.  Mekkatorque takes the concentrated light from you to make an artifact to destroy the undead.  This is very similar to how the Ashbringer was made by Magni Bronzebeard.  Magni was not a paladin, but he also did not use the Ashbringer, he gave it to a Paladin.

But does Gelbin give what he has created to the player to wield? No. He KEEPS it. I think that Gelbin Mekkatorque when presented with the raw power of Light directly from a Naaru, took that power and he kept it, used it create the mace he now carries (Which has a light bulb on top) and began transitioning to be a Paladin.  It is at the END of the Lich King expansion (Patch 3.3) that Gelbin puts on his full set of Intellect plate and start wielding this new weapon.

My conclusion is that Gelbin Mekkatorque did not start as a Paladin, but that he is one now, and he is waiting until he is comfortable in his master of these powers before he begins to teach other gnomes this new discipline.








Gnomes With Class: For the LIGHT!



Notes: Gnome Paladin Progress

The trainees don’t seem to understand they concept of sacrifice.  They have a strong since of community responsibility, but they view boons and burns as things to be shared equally.  The idea that one individual should do all the suffering alone is foreign to them.

The more I study the history and philosophy of the Paladin Orders, the more I see gnomish society through the lenses of the tall folk.  Our pragmatism is extreme compared to may other races.  Humans and dwarves have had priest and paladins as cornerstones of their civilizations for a long time.  Both those societies outlawed the practices of warlocks as well.  Gnomes on the other hand openly accept warlocks with little second thought, and our priests are new to the game. They are still feeling out how they fit in with the rest of gnome kind.

How did we get to this place?  Gnomes have gone from an ancient history as the custodians of the watchers to summoners of demons who have alienated themselves to the light. How do we go back?  Why don’t we seem to want to?

-Brizlin Fulgentbeam




Gnomes With Class: A new Gimmick


Brizlin Fulgentbeam: Great News Everyone!  Muffinus Chromebrew is having amazinf success!  He’s train gnomes as hunters AND has come out with a whole line of P.E.T.S.!

Patton Argiloam: NO! That’s Terrible!

Vicissivyld Windmeter: Why would that be terrible?

Argiloam: Because, once Mekktorque gets a new class, he will pull our funding until the next expan.. er.. military campaign.

Fulgetntbeam: Not if we can show him all the progress we’ve made!

Windmeter: What progress have you made?  I’ve not had much luck with these elves.

Fulgentbeam: We just need to think.  How do gnomes improve the techniques we are practicing… how do we overclock these classes… I’VE GOT IT!  Super curse removal!  Paladins are great at removing curses right?  I’ve come up with a tequnique that allows Gnome, Dwarve, and Humans Paladins to remove the curse of flesh from themselves and gain the strength of their Mechagnome, Earthen, and Vyrkul Ancestors!

Argiloam: That’s a great IDEA I can do that too and call it, “Form of the Ancestor”

Windmeter: No, shapeshifting is MY thing.  If anyone’s going to do it, it’s me

Fulgentbeam: HEY! This was MY idea.  You guys can’t do it!

Argiloam: Doesn’t matter if it’s your IDEA if you can’t DO it.

Windmeter: It’s simple.  Whoever can ACTUALLY transform themselves in to a Mecha-gnome first, takes the idea to Mekkatorque.


Windmeter: Oh.  You guys know Jepetto Joybuzz too huh?

Brizlin Fulgentbeam: Stolen Diary

Highlights from diary stolen from Brizlin Fulgentbeam:

…Received a request from the High Tinker today.  He wants to discuss my research my investigations in to the light.  I hope I can get him to understand how useful and important this is.  The Alliance will take us more seriously once we prove we can hold ourselves up to the strict standards of the Paladin orders…

…the High Tinker said he will fully support my research!  I am little disappointed that he didn’t really want to listen to what I have accomplished so far, and he lumped my project in with some other gnomes working on studying other cultural constructs.  I don’t think that what I am doing can be compared to trying to turn in to an animal or talking to dirt…

…tried reaching out to famous paladins.  Why are they so hard to find?  I know rogues that are easier to keep up with.  You would think that ‘beacons of light’ (even metaphorical ones) would be easier to locate.  I sent two letters off to the only two Horde paladins I could learn the names of.  I highly doubt they will show up, but I NEED some name recognition behind me…

…my recruits are really disappointing.  They want to dissect the light and see how it works.  I need to get them to loosen up so the light can flow through them.  I had selected my students from priests, but I’m starting to think that was a mistake…

…it’s going to take time but I know I’m going to crack this.  Once I figure out the trick,  we will be past the hardest part!


Brizlin Fulgentbeam: Intercepted Message

Intercepted message from Brizlin Fulgentbeam:

High Tinker,

The recruits I have been assigned are having trouble overcoming their innate pragmatism.  Duty to authority seems to be a key component of the paladin paradigm.  For races that bow to higher authorities such as kings and queens this seems to come natural.  The manipulation of the light energy on this level requires a devotion to the belief that it is a superior force to all others.  Our meritocracy seems to be counter to these ideals.  The recruits view all gnomes and energy types on their observable merits AFTER observation.

I am working on ways to prevent the light to recruits so that they will not question it’s superiority.  We are going to try to focus on duty to community and see if that is a strong enough principle to keep to a code of conduct.  I must admit, I feel morally dubious trying to teach gnomes not to question the nature of things.  I just remind myself that their is nothing tall folks can do, that gnomes can’t improve!

Once we get a code of conduct in place, we will be past the hardest part!

In your Service,

Brizlin Fulgentbeam



Intelligence Report: Brizlin Fulgentbeam

My spies report that Mekkatorque has ordered gnomes to research all manner of new ‘methods’ to help combat upcoming threats.  He is bolstered by “Doc” Cogspins ability to teach gnomes the arts of the priest hood.  I guess he finally got it through his THICK SKULL that variety and specialization will make gnomes stronger as a whole!

He has assigned a gnome named Brizlin Fulgentbeam to master and teach the skill sets of paladins to gnomes.  One of my spies intercepted a progress report to Mekkatorque:

High Tinker,

I have been researching all the most famous paladins on Azeroth, including: Uther the Lightbringer, Turalyon, Vindicator Marrad, Arthas Menethil, Alexandos Morgraine, Bolvar Fordragon, and Tirion Fordring.  Attempts to locate and contact all these individuals failed.  I had also sent messages to two Horde paladins, Lady Liadrin and Sunwalker Dezco.  You can imagine my shock when they were the only two that showed up!  Both told me sad and disturbing stories of their path to grace in the light.  I am sure that I and my gnome trainees will have more luck wielding this holy power than those before us.

I’ve begun training the recruits. They are eager.  Once I convince them that ‘channeling the light’ in to your target is how you HEAL them and NOT how you burn a hole in them with a laser, we will be past the hardest part!

In your Service,

Brizlin Fulgentbeam


Gnomes with Class: The Mission

Enter, Gelbin Mekkatorque

Mekkatorque: “Greetings everyone!  I’ve called you all hear today to apply gnomish ingenuity to a problem.  I’ve received information regarding an invasion of Azeroth by the Burning Legion.  We need to approach this problem from every possible angle.  I’ve called you all here today because you are unique among gnomes.  Each of you has been studying an area that gnomes traditionally eschew.  We need to get gnomes in to these areas of study.  We will be better off as a people with more diversification and specialization, AND we can offer our services and perspectives to those that already practice these arts bringing them new innovations.


Your task, should you chose to accept it. Firstly, train a group of recruits in the techniques you’ve mastered.  Secondly, develop a new technique or modus operandi to bring back to the communities you have been studying and demonstrate to those communities the benefit that only gnomes can bring.


((Considering doing a comic about 3 gnomes, each assigned to bring a new class in to the skill set of gnomes, and their comedic set-backs.))