Journal Entry, clOCTogear 1st, 2017

Lots of Holidays are happening on the surface right now.  Brewfest of course.  The Dark irons are using some auxiliary tunnels from Gnomeregan as a staging area to attack Brewfest.   At first I was hesitant to allow them to launch an attack directly from here, because we are so close to Ironforge, and direct conflict would be messy.  But then I found out they let Mekkatorque be the guest of honor!  I’ll do ANYTHING to spoil his party!


Journal Entry gMAY 1st 2017

Children’s Week is here.  I wanted to do something for all the orphans from Gnomeregan, but I have been unable to locate where Mekkatorque has hidden the gnomish children that were evacuated  when the troggs invaded.  They must be some where.  How could he hide that many children?  I’ve been searching for these kids for almost 20 years. Where could they be!?  In the mean time, we continue to make toys for the little tykes, including Jerry Hatchet Hands, the Spark’n’Flash race car, and the EZ Mix Explosives Kit!


Journal Entry – APRoil 1st, 2017

I’ve never understood Noble Garden.  Gnomes don’t have a noble class like humans and dwarves.  We didn’t celebrate this holiday until the dwarves did, and then we only showed up so as not to be rude.

I also have never been able to crack the coding system on the eggs.  Different color patterns, different stripe styles.  What does it mean?  I can’t read any of these eggs!!!  Someone body tell me the secret!?


Journal Entry – MARchitect 1st, 2017

Well, It’s MARchitect.  We have a couple weeks to get Gnomeregans forces EXTRA pumped.  For some strange reason around the middle of the month, adventures pour in to Gnomeregan screaming for “pots o’ gold”.  Most of them are drunk and all of them claiming to be dwarves for some reason, even though most of them obviously are not.

I have noticed they seem to be attracted to refracted light, so we are setting up Rainbow Generators around the city to lure them in to the traps we’ve set up.  Luring them in to the basement and flooding it should solve the problem.


Journal Entry – JANutensil, 1st 2017

It’s the first day of JANutensil!  It’s a brand new year.  When it’s all said in done, we got a lot last year.  2016 earned the name “The Year of the Gnome”.  We got a new class, our greatest heroes and villains saw some time in the spot light, and we had some new interesting characters pop-up as well.

Good bye 2016, you get the Gnomeregan seal of approval.  Get your game ready 2017, the bar has been raised!