I have been spurned again!

I can’t believe it!  Mekkatorque won AGAIN!  That’s it.  It’s time for PLAN B!  And you know what!? While I am at it, Let go ahead and do PLAN C and D too!

You will regret doing this to me!!!



An Inconvenient Truce

Every gnome and goblin knows it.  But no one talks about it.  When I was the right hand of the High Tinker, I oversaw Gnomeregan’s ambassadors to Kezan.  Don’t act so shocked.  OF COURSE Gnomeregan kept open channels with the Trade Princes.  We need the free flow of ideas and resources between our nations. Yes, some member of the envoys did get a Kaja’Cola addictions, but they were rotated out so that wouldn’t happen again.

I’m one of the few gnomes in a unique position.  I taught mechanical engineering to goblins in exchange for them teaching demolitions to me.  We never shared the most cutting edge information with them, and I’m certain they never shared their most cutting edge information with us.

You’ll never find a goblin that will admit it.  But it’s still happening.  They don’t talk to me anymore, but that’s fine.  I get the same information second hand from the Forsaken.



2016: #YearOfTheGnome

Ressa brought the PR firm back.  They ‘work shopped’ the campaign slogan I had.  (They called it a ‘workshop’ but they didn’t have a workbench or anything.)  I’m annoyed they insisted it not have my name in it.  How are people supposed to know it’s me?  Whatever, I’ll try anything once.

So #Sicco2016 is out, The new slogan is “2016: #YearOfTheGnome”


Manifest Destiny!

My main platform as candidate for High Tinker remains what it has ALWAYS been.  Manifest Destiny of the Gnomish Race across Azeroth.  It just makes sense.  No other group has the technical expertise of Gnomeregan.

Every sovereign nation on Azeroth could be made better with Gnomish Technology, and we should be present in all those places introducing and maintaining them for the smaller minded races.  If brains were height, gnomes would tower over all!  It’s time for gnomes to stand up and take their place in history!

Mekkatorque wants to give you a city, I want to give you THE WORLD!


The Irradiation Problem

I am aware that if I want gnomes to return to Gnomeregan I have to clean up the mess.  My plan is to ‘acquire’ the head of Gearmaster Mechazod and learn his de-cursive technique.  Once that has been mastered we can turn all my leper gnomes in to Mechagnomes.  Mechagnomes are not affected my the irradiation process.  Once the halls of Gnomeregan have been restored.  We use the re-cursive tool to turn the mechagnomes back in to fleshy gnomes.  That gets Gnomeregan Clean, AND cures the leprosy.

I don’t see Mekkatorque coming up with BRILLIANT plans like that!


Thermaplugg for High Tinker!

It’s been a while since Mekkatorque has been challenged for his roll of High Tinker.  I think it’s about High TIME someone challenged him again!

I’m officially announcing my candidacy for High Tinker!

I have put in a petition with the Tinker’s Council to allow Leper Gnomes to vote, so if that goes through I think I can win this!  I’ve been counting and Mekkatorque’s most recent “Operation; Gnomeregan” has tipped the number of gnomes to leper gnomes in my favor.