Why Wait? Mekkatorque in Heroes of the Storm

We know that Blizzard has planned to put Mekkatorque in Heroes of the Storm for a long time (Since 2011 at least) so why wait?  My first thought was that they wanted to wait until the HotS meta was in a certain place for some reason.

But does it make sense to hold a hero until either a counter hero, or until a certain map has been released first?  Any new hero that is added needs to function on all the existing maps without breaking them, and will need to be countered by multiple heroes that already exist.

It could be they are waiting for Mekkatorque to do something in World of Warcraft.  We’ve seen Mekkatorque in his new battle suit.  I wonder if he has some kind of upcoming scene where they will show him doing things that they want to bring in to HotS, but they don’t want to spoil what’s going to happen for World of Warcraft players.  Admittedly, that’s a reach, and might be 100% wishful thinking, but the idea of it makes me excited for BOTH games.

Maybe they want to make him a multi-class character, but that he got too complicated.  Now they are watching how Varian does.  Working kinks out of the multi-class concept with a straight forward character before trying a more complicated one.  As a bonus, they get to test the waters for how multi-class characters are received, and get us the player familiar with the basics of how the system work before adding a layer of complexity on top of it.

Of course, this is all assuming that Mekkatorque hasn’t been scrapped in favor of Chromie.  I highly suspect that the HotS team would like a character that represents each race and class from WoW and that Chromie ticks the ‘gnome’ box.  Datamining had shown Mekkatorque with a ‘tar barrel’ attack that might have turned in to Chromie’s Slowing Sands.  Chromie also has the Gnomeregan score as her theme music instead of the Caverns of Time music.  Doesn’t leave a lot for future gnomes.

The worst part is I can’t just say “we’ll see” because if Mekkatorque is never released, we could speculate forever.  On top of that he could get scrapped, and then picked back up later for a completely different concept.  HotS is so random I am completely unable to guess what character might be coming next.

For Gnomeregan, Mushroom Kingdom Portal

MarioMaker3I’ve kept one of my Campaign promises and published the coordinates to access Gnomeregan through the Mushroom Kingdom.  I stumbled on this accidentally while trying to access the Heroes of the Storm Nexus.


Seriously, you would not believe how may weird other dimensions there are out there.

Two Things I Want to Know About Thermaplugg #OOC

There are two major questions I have about Mekigineer Thermaplugg. What did he do during the Second War?  My head canon is that he was in command of the Gnomish Submarines while Mekkatorques was in command of the Flying Machines.  That is pure speculation based on the fact that the preview of Mekkatorques HotS character was in a flying machine, and Gnome Subs are the only other Gnome units in WC2.

Second I would like the answer to a question that Blizzard brings up,”However, due to reasons even Thermaplugg can’t remember, he found himself locked inside Gnomeregan when the bomb release began.

I really want to know why Thermaplugg stayed in Gnomeregan.  Was there another Gnome we went back for?  Did he think he was in a safe place?  Was there a moment of regret and he went back to disarm the bomb?  Was there some other unknown influencing his behavior?  It’s a huge question, and gives me the most problems when trying to be consistent when RPing Thermaplugg.  I work around it by playing as a liar, as crazy, and as if his memory is totally corrupt and unreliable.

If I could get one answer about him I think the answer to that question would shine the most light on who he is and how he thinks.


New Stratagy – Overwatch #OOC

VultureNow that HotS has a recruit a friend reward option, I’ve realized I need to stop getting my friends to play Blizzard games.  I always ^&*% myself out of these rewards by getting everyone I know to sign off before they are available.

Not Overwatch.  I’m noting going to say anything about it until the Recruit a friend rewards are offered.  At this point, we know it will happen, the question is just when.  I want that Vulture for HotS more than any other mount, but I don’t know any more gamers IRL to recruit too.

If anyone wants to play, message me on twitter and I will give you my battletag.



Gnome INVASION to HotS

While we are waiting for Mekkatorque as a new character in HotS.  What should Mekkatorque bring to the play field?   The question is, “What about Gnomes and Engineering is left that need representation?”  Goblin Tinker Gazlowe pilots a Mech and drops turrets.  Gnomish Engineering is more about Shrink Rays, Homing Chickens, Alarm-o-bots and Teleporting (Ultra-safe, I assure you!)  Most Gnome Tech is about Crowd Control, Mind Control, Control, control, CONTROL!

Thermaplugg would be a cool skin for Gazlowe

Gnomish Flying Machine/Tinkmaster Overspark as a skin for Falstad

Annoy-o-tron Skin for Murky

And of course Nova Gnome, AKA Gnome-va, AKA Gnova!



Image by: https://twitter.com/handclaw

Tinkers in Warcraft

I think a tinker class would work in Warcraft.  We have Goblins and Gnomes.  The legion is big on building large robots, and we’ve seen a steampunk airship in an opening cut scene now. tinkerWe also have a Tinker as a base representation of Warcraft in Heroes of the Storm. I know that what happens in HotS is not lore for the games they pull from, from the very beginning this character, a ticker, was included to represent Warcraft, and it is not out of place.  It does seem like some crazy thing that isn’t from Warcraft.  Gazlowe fits right in next to Arthas, Illidan, and Uther.

I used to think that the Engineering Profession would overlap to much, but I realize now that simply isn’t true.  Inscription and Death Knight both use runes, but they do not overlap in game mechanics in anyway.  The Engineering Profession has little to no combat abilities.

There is a lot of sentiment about their being too many classes in the game now.  I totally get that.  I personally think that tinker could be a forth spec for Rogues.  The Defias Bandits have a strong leaning towards engineering.  I think it would be a good way to add a tanking spec to that class. (literally, in a tank)

@Arakkoa Bet

Edit:  I just discussed this Bet with @Arakkoa, turns out we set the date for 01/01/2017.  I’m still game though.  I know Terran is putting Mekkatorque in to a Legion cut scene.  That attention might help his case for HotS. If he got added to the roster late this year (November-ish) I would not be hugely surprised.  This makes things more interesting because it’s still up in the air, and more boring, because we have to wait a year, lol.

Way back in…  https://siccothermaplugg.wordpress.com/2015/10/19/the-bet-is-on/

I made a bet with Verroak Krasha (https://arakkoa.wordpress.com/) that Gelbin Mekkatorque would not be added to Heroes of the Storm before the end of the year.  He had a lot of well thought about points and reasonable evidence that supported his idea.  I had my secret weapon “But Blizzard hates Gnomes”  (With some exceptions, @TerranGregory and @jfield we love you, and we know you fight for us!)

I sadly won 😦 I would have loved to see Gelbin in HotS, mainly because I’m 100% sure that a Sicco Thermaplugg skin would have been included.

But I digress.  The bet was for drawing a picture of the other persons character.  Because I feel like in a way, we both lost.  I’m including a picture of his character.