Jastor Gallywix for Heroes of the Storm*

Goblin Alchemist in Warcraft 2Goblin Alchemy in Warcraft is somewhat underdeveloped.  This is strange because from the very beginning goblins were alchemist.  In Warcraft 2 when goblins were introduced, their units were produced at, or dependant on, the Goblin Alchemist building.  This tradition was continued in Warcraft 3 with the Goblin Alchemist hero. Goblins even get a bonus to alchemy in World of Warcraft from their racial trait, Better Living Through Chemistry.  So where are the goblin alchemist characters and heroes?


Gallywix could offer an opportunity to take goblins back to these roots. There are many firmly established goblin engineers, most notably Gazlowe. Having a strong goblin alchemist hero would diversify the gobin kit and differentiate them from gnomes more. Putting the Bildgewater Cartel and Undercitry in competition could create some interesting tension in the Horde as the two faction both try to corner the market. Expanding into this industry would even be the natural next step and goblins. They already hold a strong monopoly on engineering, but that market is split between Bildgewater and Steamweedle.  Gallywix knows enough to diversify his portfolio of investments.

GallywixGoblinAlchemist2First things first, Gallywix needs to ditch the gnome spidertank.  If he is going to be cast as an alchemist, he should have a mount created through alchemy, such as a hobgoblin.  The entire hobgoblin race is created by chemical alteration and would be a good first step in taking his character that direction.  Seeing Jastor being carried around in a sedan chair by a hobgoblin would really set him apart visually and emphasize the tone for his character. There is also a goblin that rides a hobgoblin in World of Warcraft, Helix Gearbreaker.  Helix would be a great source of inspiration for Gallywix’s move set, especially the jumping on heads bit.  He would be like a reverse Abathur, jump onto enemies from head to head leaving debuffs and explosives in his wake.  It’s mentioned that Jastor used to be a street fighter when he was younger, and he’s even seen doing the head jumping move in the short story, “The Blank Scroll“.

I there is a lot of room in the alchemist kit for healing, buffs, debuffs, splash damage and more.  having Trade Prince Gallywix come to the Nexus in the form of a goblin alchemist would be a welcome addition.

*As soon as he gets his s#!+ together in World of Warcraft.



How Evil Should Thermaplugg Be?

In many ways Mekkatorque and Thermaplugg are defined by their relationship with each other.  It’s difficult to talk about Thermaplugg without talking about Mekkatorque.  They have a very clear cut and close relationship as antagonists.  Gelbin is the hero and Sicco is the villain.


There have been some hints recently that Thermaplugg is attempting to clean up Gnomeregan and cure the leprosy himself.  I think that giving Thermaplugg more depth and development is great.  Thermaplugg’s actions inform us, as players, first hand of the notorious flaws of the gnomish race, in the same way that that Mekkatorque shows us their greatest strengths.  Seeing these two characters in active conflict is exponentially more effective at defining ‘gnome-ness’ than any out of character write up could ever be.

In order for this style of storytelling to work we need both sides to be developed.  Both characters to be interesting, engaging and little bit relatable.  Thermaplugg being undeveloped undermines Mekkatorque’s development.  Warcraft primarily tells it’s story though villains.  We spend as much, if not more, time interacting with enemies than we do allied heroes.  Confronting evil is how our characters interact with the world and it is how we as players learn to understand life on Azeroth.

I have joked that I would like to see Sicco get redeemed, saved, or even, turn out to have been the good guy all along.  It would be fun for me, but it would be bad for gnomes in general.  We need him to show us what the moral, ideological, and conceptual failings of gnomes.  I feel like currently Thermaplugg is perceived by a lot of people as Stupid Evil.  I hope that these new lore hints are leading to something that put an end to that perception.

Answers for Anton

What traits, aspects, mind-sets, and themes would you like to see fleshed out in their lore?

FlyPragmatism, Risk-taking, and Cooperation.

Gnome pragmatism is probably their greatest aspect at the moment.  More than being bubbly engineers, it makes them more realistic as a race. It also means they are willing to do things that other races are not because they don’t put as much stock in ‘honor’, ‘humility’, ‘humanity’ etc.

They will do whatever gets the job done, and they are willing to take HUGE risks to do it. Risk-taking is a trait they share with goblins. To compare gnomes to goblins, gnomes are cooperative and goblins are competitive.  It’s probably the biggest difference between the two races.  You can see it in goblin profiteering, and in ‘the token gnome’

I see gnomes all over, in almost every Alliance settlement, but it is almost always just ONE gnome. I would like to see more large groups of gnomes working together and accomplishing something.

How would you write gnomes as being a -distinct race- apart from humans, and not relegated to jokes and ‘zany gadgets’?

HumanFlyingI think gnomes biggest challenge is to set themselves apart from dwarves.  To that end, they need to move out of the hole in the ground and in to the open air.  Architecture does a lot to make a race feel distinct, and without a true capital city, gnomes are missing out on a lot of that.

I said yesterday that I would make Sand Gnomes a real thing and add them to the forces of Gnomeregan.  I stand by that.  It would add more variety to the race.

Culture is a big one, other races pull their culture from well understood real world reference points.  Humans have European castles, tauren have a Native American flavor, night elves have heavy Greek influence, trolls have Aztec, but gnomes lack one of these real world analogies that makes them easy to understand.  It would create a foundation that makes feel like you understand gnomes from jump instead of trying to develop ever single aspect of their personality in game.  “Gnomes are like Soviet Russia” would add a ton of favor with very little work.

Imagine you are new to WoW lore, saw gnomes and wanted to learn more. What do you wish was in their history/culture?

WC2HumanSubmarineI would mostly like to hear about Gnome Heroes that were active during the First and Second War.  Gnomes ‘sat out’ the third war, but they were definitely a part of the second, I would like to learn the story of at least one Gnome Flying Machine Pilot and Submarine Duo from WCII.  A case could be made for a gnome mage in the First war because of the Tower of Azora seems to be mostly Gnomes.

TWC1Conjurero be clear, I want these gnomes to be active in World of Warcraft today so they can share their unique gnomish insights on current events with first hand accounts of the gnome perspective on history.

I want to know what Mekkatorque and Thermaplugg were up to during the 1st and 2nd wars.  Mekkatorque especially jumps at the chance to be helpful whenever he can, so certainly he was doing something.

Hero Classes Could Go Further to Break the Mold

The Current Hero classes, Death Knight and Demon Hunter are REALLY cool.  I like how Death Knight tried to add a really unique resource system, and Demon Hunter tries to do things that no other class can.  But in the long run, they are built and balanced like any of the other core classes.

I would really like to see some “Hero” Classes that shake things up as far as play style.  There are few ‘challenge mode’ things that people already do in wow that could lend themselves to this.

For example, some people play a Pacifist. They don’t do quests or kill mobs, the level up through professions and other none-aggressive means. That would be a real game changing class.  At level ten you could pick between an Artisan, or a Diplomat for your specialization.  Artisan could increase your efficiency with your professions, possibly opening up extra slots.  and Diplomat could give you bonuses to reputations, let you learn other languages, and possibly make you neutral to the opposing faction.  ((this class would not be able to swap specs after they had been chosen))

Something similar could be done for the Ironman challenge, but that might work more as a template of restrictions for the current classes, rather than a whole new class.

Lunk (1)



Tinkers in Warcraft

I think a tinker class would work in Warcraft.  We have Goblins and Gnomes.  The legion is big on building large robots, and we’ve seen a steampunk airship in an opening cut scene now. tinkerWe also have a Tinker as a base representation of Warcraft in Heroes of the Storm. I know that what happens in HotS is not lore for the games they pull from, from the very beginning this character, a ticker, was included to represent Warcraft, and it is not out of place.  It does seem like some crazy thing that isn’t from Warcraft.  Gazlowe fits right in next to Arthas, Illidan, and Uther.

I used to think that the Engineering Profession would overlap to much, but I realize now that simply isn’t true.  Inscription and Death Knight both use runes, but they do not overlap in game mechanics in anyway.  The Engineering Profession has little to no combat abilities.

There is a lot of sentiment about their being too many classes in the game now.  I totally get that.  I personally think that tinker could be a forth spec for Rogues.  The Defias Bandits have a strong leaning towards engineering.  I think it would be a good way to add a tanking spec to that class. (literally, in a tank)

Intel on the Tinkers Council

My spy network has been reporting back to me on whose who in Mekkatorques forces.  I’ve been trying to crack who is on the Tinkers Council now.  Some gnomes that were on the council when Gnomeregan feel are still alive and kicking, but they might not still be on the Council.

My current suspects are:

Tinkmaster Overspark, Chief Architect of Gnomish Engineering: Very Likely.  He was a member of the council.  Outspoken, easily manipulable, I got him to banish Oglethorpe Obnoticus, the old fool.

“Doc” Cogspin, Surgeon General: No word yet on what her first name might actually be.  She may or may not be a previously established member.

Kelsey Steelspark, Gnomeregan Covert Ops: Certainly the most active member of the Gnomeregan Covert Ops.  Not sure if she really head of the group, or just their best agent.

Nevin Twistwrench, S.A.F.E. Commander: I’m doubtful of this one.  We have more intelligence on Nevin than almost anyone else on this list and frankly, I am not impressed.  Why Mekkatorque put someone so green in charge of the clean zone is a mystery to me.

Hinkles Fastblast, (Title Unknown): I’ve gathered the least amount of information on Fastblast.  He was a large part of Operation Gnomeregan, and seems more experienced that Drill Sergeant Steamcrank, but I don’t have enough info to tell which one is really in command.



@Arakkoa Bet

Edit:  I just discussed this Bet with @Arakkoa, turns out we set the date for 01/01/2017.  I’m still game though.  I know Terran is putting Mekkatorque in to a Legion cut scene.  That attention might help his case for HotS. If he got added to the roster late this year (November-ish) I would not be hugely surprised.  This makes things more interesting because it’s still up in the air, and more boring, because we have to wait a year, lol.

Way back in…  https://siccothermaplugg.wordpress.com/2015/10/19/the-bet-is-on/

I made a bet with Verroak Krasha (https://arakkoa.wordpress.com/) that Gelbin Mekkatorque would not be added to Heroes of the Storm before the end of the year.  He had a lot of well thought about points and reasonable evidence that supported his idea.  I had my secret weapon “But Blizzard hates Gnomes”  (With some exceptions, @TerranGregory and @jfield we love you, and we know you fight for us!)

I sadly won 😦 I would have loved to see Gelbin in HotS, mainly because I’m 100% sure that a Sicco Thermaplugg skin would have been included.

But I digress.  The bet was for drawing a picture of the other persons character.  Because I feel like in a way, we both lost.  I’m including a picture of his character.