Answers for Anton

What traits, aspects, mind-sets, and themes would you like to see fleshed out in their lore?

FlyPragmatism, Risk-taking, and Cooperation.

Gnome pragmatism is probably their greatest aspect at the moment.  More than being bubbly engineers, it makes them more realistic as a race. It also means they are willing to do things that other races are not because they don’t put as much stock in ‘honor’, ‘humility’, ‘humanity’ etc.

They will do whatever gets the job done, and they are willing to take HUGE risks to do it. Risk-taking is a trait they share with goblins. To compare gnomes to goblins, gnomes are cooperative and goblins are competitive.  It’s probably the biggest difference between the two races.  You can see it in goblin profiteering, and in ‘the token gnome’

I see gnomes all over, in almost every Alliance settlement, but it is almost always just ONE gnome. I would like to see more large groups of gnomes working together and accomplishing something.

How would you write gnomes as being a -distinct race- apart from humans, and not relegated to jokes and ‘zany gadgets’?

HumanFlyingI think gnomes biggest challenge is to set themselves apart from dwarves.  To that end, they need to move out of the hole in the ground and in to the open air.  Architecture does a lot to make a race feel distinct, and without a true capital city, gnomes are missing out on a lot of that.

I said yesterday that I would make Sand Gnomes a real thing and add them to the forces of Gnomeregan.  I stand by that.  It would add more variety to the race.

Culture is a big one, other races pull their culture from well understood real world reference points.  Humans have European castles, tauren have a Native American flavor, night elves have heavy Greek influence, trolls have Aztec, but gnomes lack one of these real world analogies that makes them easy to understand.  It would create a foundation that makes feel like you understand gnomes from jump instead of trying to develop ever single aspect of their personality in game.  “Gnomes are like Soviet Russia” would add a ton of favor with very little work.

Imagine you are new to WoW lore, saw gnomes and wanted to learn more. What do you wish was in their history/culture?

WC2HumanSubmarineI would mostly like to hear about Gnome Heroes that were active during the First and Second War.  Gnomes ‘sat out’ the third war, but they were definitely a part of the second, I would like to learn the story of at least one Gnome Flying Machine Pilot and Submarine Duo from WCII.  A case could be made for a gnome mage in the First war because of the Tower of Azora seems to be mostly Gnomes.

TWC1Conjurero be clear, I want these gnomes to be active in World of Warcraft today so they can share their unique gnomish insights on current events with first hand accounts of the gnome perspective on history.

I want to know what Mekkatorque and Thermaplugg were up to during the 1st and 2nd wars.  Mekkatorque especially jumps at the chance to be helpful whenever he can, so certainly he was doing something.


Question for my friends that have Chronicle already

If the dwarves went to sleep and were inactive, and the gnomes stayed awake and active, why are there so make more dwarven settlements than gnome ones?

I assume that Humans did not go to sleep like dwarves did, and their proliferation (more human settlements than dwarven ones) makes sense.  Being awake and active, they naturally spread.  Why are gnomes not as prolific?  They too were awake and active while the dwarves slept. I don’t expect there to be more gnome cities than human ones, but there should be more gnome cities than dwarven ones.

Was there an environmental factor that plagued the gnomes and prevent their spread.  If they continued to reproduce at a ‘normal’ rate, surely they should have surpassed the sleeping dwarves after a few thousand years.

I had been expecting Gnomes to have either gone to sleep before, or woken up long after dwarves to explain their low presence in the world.  I don’t have a copy of Chronicles and don’t know when I will get my hands on one, so I figured I would just ask.

Isn’t it bizarre that dwarf cities out number gnome cities 6 to 1?



DwarfGnomePopThe number of PC gnomes is almost identical to the number of PC dwarves, but dwarves get exponential more focus.




We don’t know much about Mechagnomes.  They definitely predate the opening of the Dark Portal.  With all the coverage of the Titans and (presumably) the Watchers, we should learn more about the Mechagnomes.  My fear is it contain only one sentence like, “And Mimiron created Mechagnomes” and that will be it.

Gnome history is ‘messy’ and has the biggest gaps of any race. Some questions I hope (but do not expect) to be answered.

  • Why were Mechagnomes created?
  • How did gnomes end up in Dun Morogh?
  • Why don’t gnomes have a Monarchy anymore?
  • How are High Tinkers elected? for how long?
  • Sand/Voodoo Gnomes, WTF?
  • Are gnomes related to pygmies, and by extension goblins?
  • Is there a depreciated gnome descendant, like dwarves devolved to troggs?

These are all things that happened well before the Opening of the Dark Portal.

What I expect from Chronicles is:

  1. Old Gods vs Titans
  2. Old Gods vs Trolls
  3. Trolls vs Night Elves
  4. Night Elves vs Alarm Clocks
  5. Humans

I hope Tauren, Dwarves, Goblins etc get coverage, and I really hope the Night elf stuff is not just War of the Ancients rehash, because I’ve read the War of the Ancients trilogy, all that stuff is well established and easily accessible.  There is no reason to revisit it in detail.

I’m excited for Chronicle.  I’m a complete lore nerd and the book looks beautiful.  I just have to remind myself that it’s still a book and will have limited space, so their will be no way they could ever possibly answer every question I personally have.

What questions are you hoping get answered?



Race vs Species #OOC

It’s weird that different species of hominids are called different races in fantasy settings.

When someone says, “Gnomes are for punting”  I want to say something like, “That’s racist.”  But I don’t because I feel like it would be taking a serious real world issue and reducing it to a joke in a way I am not personally comfortable with.

Kaldorei, the night elves; Quel’dorei, the high elves; Sin’dorei, the blood elves; San’layn, the dark fallen all appear to be different races of elves, while Harpies, Naga, and Satyrs seem to be different species.

Things get way more complicated when you throw undead in the mix.  The forsaken would be humans, that have the same DNA as other humans and could even be parent/sibling of humans, but are so different as to need some other category.

I’m not sure what should or could be done about it.  It’s just something that makes me feel awkward sometimes.

I’m maybe more keenly aware of it because my family is diverse.  I have a step-son that is mixed race.  He always makes light skinned blonde haired characters.  I tried once to counter him by making a dark skinned, black haired character.  All the races in game have dark hair as an option, but I found it weird that gnomes and blood elves (both races that are mostly limited to human skin tones) don’t include any dark skin tones as humans and dwarves do.


Mekkatorque/Thermaplugg Team Up! also Gnome History

Dwarves took everything from Gnomes in Warcraft 3.  Now I’m taking something from them!

Mortar Team!  Mortar Teams were added in Warcraft 3 and appear to be an extension of Warcraft 2’s Dwarven Demolition Squad.  If we were to reference the Warcraft 2 time period, that would be before “The Grand Betrayal” when Mekkatorque and I were still best friends.  (Even If I was already plotting against him.)

It would create an amazing opportunity for some very funny lines, and give us a tiny glimpse in to what gnome were doing in Warcraft 2.  With all the books that have been written and references to the history in the Warcraft Universe, we never hear anything about what Gnomes were doing in Warcraft 2, even though they were there on the front lines.  I imagine that Mekkatorque and Thermaplugg are both Veterans of the Second war, but there is zero information or history about them prior to the Third War. As much as gnomes need more presence in the current story lines and expansions, we need history too.  For us to build our characters and fell like we are a part of the world we need to know what Gnomes have been up to during the major events of the world.

Anyway, look at how awesome this mock up is?  And isn’t “The Grand Betrayal” a GREAT name for an ultimate ability!?



Dwarves vs Gnomes

Gnomes and Dwarves have a lot in common.  Too much honestly.  We need to separate ourselves from our dwarven cousins if we want some legitimacy.

So what do Dwarves and Gnomes have in common, and how can we put ground between each other without back peddling who we are?

Living underground – As far as I am concerned Dwarves can keep this one.  We gnomes have no affinity for the earth.  We only live underground because that is where the titans left all the stuff we were supposed to guard/archive/maintenance.

Created by the Titans – Sure maybe we were both created by the titans, but we might be more different than that lets on.  Dwarves are created on Azeroth with samples from it’s native geological stratus.  Gnomes could have been brought to this world after being created somewhere else by the titans.  That would put an interesting spin on things.DDS

Engineering. – Gnomes are well known for building amazing devices.  Dwarves are well known for gunpowder.  I think the compromise here is obvious.  Instead of going to some creepy goblin town to learn to blow stuff up, learn it from the dwarves!  Gnomes will keep our mechanical engineering (an all our fingers) while dwarves can can on demolitions.


Another Trogg Solution

I’ve already outlined my ideas for using Gearmaster Mechazod to purify Leper Gnomes by ‘removing’ the ‘Curse of the Flesh’.  I am beginning to wonder is the same process would work on troggs.

There are rumors that say troggs used to be dwarves or some such non-sense.  But if the Gearmaster can turn a gnome in to a Mechagnome, why couldn’t he turn a trogg in to a dwarf?  or really anything more useful than a trogg!