A Gnomeregan Carol #OOC

I asked all the people I follow on http://ask.fm/SiccoThermaplug if they could add a quest to the game, what would they like to add?

I asked because I have one in mind.  I would like to see Gnomeregan moved to the Caverns of Time.  The quest would be to escort Sicco Thermaplugg of ~30 years ago through the dungeon and show him the destructive results of his deeds, Ghost of Christmas Future style.

Then when you get back to regular Gnomeregan, it is a full and flourishing city in the over world, because it was never destroyed.

It might be that Gelbin needs to do something important and the infinite dragon flight stopped him now we need to make it right.  Whatever the lore reason, that way the Devs get the keep the dungeon as a dungeon, but also give gnomes their city back.

What do you think sirs?GnomereganBackdrop