Jastor Gallywix for Heroes of the Storm*

Goblin Alchemist in Warcraft 2Goblin Alchemy in Warcraft is somewhat underdeveloped.  This is strange because from the very beginning goblins were alchemist.  In Warcraft 2 when goblins were introduced, their units were produced at, or dependant on, the Goblin Alchemist building.  This tradition was continued in Warcraft 3 with the Goblin Alchemist hero. Goblins even get a bonus to alchemy in World of Warcraft from their racial trait, Better Living Through Chemistry.  So where are the goblin alchemist characters and heroes?


Gallywix could offer an opportunity to take goblins back to these roots. There are many firmly established goblin engineers, most notably Gazlowe. Having a strong goblin alchemist hero would diversify the gobin kit and differentiate them from gnomes more. Putting the Bildgewater Cartel and Undercitry in competition could create some interesting tension in the Horde as the two faction both try to corner the market. Expanding into this industry would even be the natural next step and goblins. They already hold a strong monopoly on engineering, but that market is split between Bildgewater and Steamweedle.  Gallywix knows enough to diversify his portfolio of investments.

GallywixGoblinAlchemist2First things first, Gallywix needs to ditch the gnome spidertank.  If he is going to be cast as an alchemist, he should have a mount created through alchemy, such as a hobgoblin.  The entire hobgoblin race is created by chemical alteration and would be a good first step in taking his character that direction.  Seeing Jastor being carried around in a sedan chair by a hobgoblin would really set him apart visually and emphasize the tone for his character. There is also a goblin that rides a hobgoblin in World of Warcraft, Helix Gearbreaker.  Helix would be a great source of inspiration for Gallywix’s move set, especially the jumping on heads bit.  He would be like a reverse Abathur, jump onto enemies from head to head leaving debuffs and explosives in his wake.  It’s mentioned that Jastor used to be a street fighter when he was younger, and he’s even seen doing the head jumping move in the short story, “The Blank Scroll“.

I there is a lot of room in the alchemist kit for healing, buffs, debuffs, splash damage and more.  having Trade Prince Gallywix come to the Nexus in the form of a goblin alchemist would be a welcome addition.

*As soon as he gets his s#!+ together in World of Warcraft.



More Barbershop Options

I’ve heard it said that Blizzard is unhappy about how the barbershop turned out.  I like it, and I think there is a lot they could do with it still!

They could tie things to achievements or quests the way so many other collections in the game are now.

Imagine if hitting a certain level with a profession unlocked a new type of feature?  It might be a way to work on those quivers and stuff they have been talking about.  Goggle headbands for Engineers?  New hair colors for Alchemists?  Glowing rune tattoos for Inscribers?  More piercings for skinners?

Each profession could have a backpack that gets more and more stuff as you level up!  You could wear it around , and other players could com interact with your pack for access to your profession!  It would be like each player was a tiny roaming Garrison building!options



…Ok, I think I’ve strayed in to some pretty insane territory there.  My point is.. or was… That the barbershop could use some achievement based options.  Either base things like new hair styles and hair colors, OR entire new options like tattoos and scars.

Gnome Artifacts

I’m going to go ahead and accept that there are not going to be gnomes in Legion.  I’m still going to complain about it, but I’ve accepted it.  I’m also going to go ahead and except the fact there will be no gnome artifacts, or gnome themed variations on any of the artifacts.

My only glimmer of hope on this is that with the expanded profession team, they might be a relic each profession can craft that will unlock a skin for the weapons,

Gear theme from Engineering,

Crystal theme from Gem Cutting,

Earth theme from Mining.

Liquid theme from Alchemy.

Not that this is ideal.  Gnomes are more than robots in disguise.  It’s just the only thing I think might possibly be coming that would even fit with gnomes.

*Edit* There have turned out to be way more gnome things in legion than I anticipated!

MLG seeks Adventurers for Menace

Sorry Mekkatorque, I think it’s time we menaced other people.  It’s clear that I am just too much villain for you to handle. Operation Gnomeregan was a nice diversion, but you failed, and I think it’s time we both moved on.

I am sending out a resume to other heroes of Azeroth to take me on.  If you know of an ACTIVE hero looking for an involved and interesting antagonist, please let me know!

My accomplishments include:

– Betraying the trust of my closet friend.

– Exterminating 80% of my own race.

– Multiple unethical experiments

– Patent violations

– Half Machine (Waste down)


– Engineering

– Alchemy

– Knitting

Job History

– King of Gnomeregan from year 20 to present.

– Adviser to High Tinker 10+ years

– Veteran of the Second War, Submarine commander