Another Trogg Solution

I’ve already outlined my ideas for using Gearmaster Mechazod to purify Leper Gnomes by ‘removing’ the ‘Curse of the Flesh’.  I am beginning to wonder is the same process would work on troggs.

There are rumors that say troggs used to be dwarves or some such non-sense.  But if the Gearmaster can turn a gnome in to a Mechagnome, why couldn’t he turn a trogg in to a dwarf?  or really anything more useful than a trogg!


Manifest Destiny!

My main platform as candidate for High Tinker remains what it has ALWAYS been.  Manifest Destiny of the Gnomish Race across Azeroth.  It just makes sense.  No other group has the technical expertise of Gnomeregan.

Every sovereign nation on Azeroth could be made better with Gnomish Technology, and we should be present in all those places introducing and maintaining them for the smaller minded races.  If brains were height, gnomes would tower over all!  It’s time for gnomes to stand up and take their place in history!

Mekkatorque wants to give you a city, I want to give you THE WORLD!


The Irradiation Problem

I am aware that if I want gnomes to return to Gnomeregan I have to clean up the mess.  My plan is to ‘acquire’ the head of Gearmaster Mechazod and learn his de-cursive technique.  Once that has been mastered we can turn all my leper gnomes in to Mechagnomes.  Mechagnomes are not affected my the irradiation process.  Once the halls of Gnomeregan have been restored.  We use the re-cursive tool to turn the mechagnomes back in to fleshy gnomes.  That gets Gnomeregan Clean, AND cures the leprosy.

I don’t see Mekkatorque coming up with BRILLIANT plans like that!


A Trogg Solution

I hate Troggs.  They are gross and smelly and stupid.  I can write that because none of them can read.  In my Battlesuit I have personally killed dozens, but like roaches they just keep coming back.  The ones here in Gnomeregan have a “Might makes Right” mentality that has them under my sway.

I say, we call an end to Gnome vs Leper hostilities and focus on our REAL enemy.  The Trogg.  A false retreat of Mekkatorques forces, plus an all out order for ALL troggs, and ONLY troggs to pursue.

Once the troggs are out in the open, we lock the doors behind them!  With no where to run, they can be squashed easily!


Anvilmar is the trailer park of Dun Morogh

I am NOT unreasonable!  To quote my famous plans for gnome expansion, “I envision a great kingdom out of Gnomeregan, carved out of the entire western half of Dun Morogh.”

Can we look at that map again?  The only dwarven settlement on the western side of Dun Morogh is Anvilmar.  There is only one permanent structure and barely a dozen dwarves living there.  They could have been EASILY relocated, OR we could have negotiated a gnome settlement on the eastern side of the map. (It would be nice to have a GNOME route to Loch Modan)

ONE BUILDING was used as an excuse against me.  Most of west Dun Morogh is wilderness. Why WOULDN’T we expand!?


New-New Tinkertown

Dear Gnomes,

We can do better!  “New” Tinkertown is a humble shanty town.  Look at what the Goblins were able to do in Azshara in half the time! We need to go BIGGER!  The Alliance is well organize, and good at sharing resources. There is no reason we shouldn’t be able to put that goblin bay to COMPLETE shame!

We have so much to work with.  Perhaps I was over… aggressive… in my plan to displace the Dwarves to make more room for us.  There is plenty of room.  Goblins built out in to the sea?  Gnomes can build up in to the SKY!

Imagine it.  Gnomeregan spires.  Ask a guard for directions? NO, walk up to a teleporter and be teleported to a shop ten feet away. Why? Because we CAN!  Elevators are LAME.  BUT single occupancy pneumatic tubes? AMAZING!

We can do it.  Gnomes, please, stop digging down, backwards, in to the past.  Move forwards, upwards, towards an elevated and enlightened FUTURE!


A Gnomeregan Carol #OOC

I asked all the people I follow on if they could add a quest to the game, what would they like to add?

I asked because I have one in mind.  I would like to see Gnomeregan moved to the Caverns of Time.  The quest would be to escort Sicco Thermaplugg of ~30 years ago through the dungeon and show him the destructive results of his deeds, Ghost of Christmas Future style.

Then when you get back to regular Gnomeregan, it is a full and flourishing city in the over world, because it was never destroyed.

It might be that Gelbin needs to do something important and the infinite dragon flight stopped him now we need to make it right.  Whatever the lore reason, that way the Devs get the keep the dungeon as a dungeon, but also give gnomes their city back.

What do you think sirs?GnomereganBackdrop