Gnomes with Class: Form Up!

Vicissivyld Windmeter: Alright everyone.  The key to transforming in to a bear is to imagine yourself Tenacious, Powerful and Ferocious!


Now I want you to follow suit.  Imagine yourself Tenacious, Powerful and Ferocious!  Let your inner strength flow over you and transform your outer form to match!


Alright lets see…

Very good #1!  The goggles are a nice touch!

A robo-bear #2?  Now you’re just showing off.

Good effort you are almost there #3, but we want full bear, not an biped.

#4 … I did not know that about you!

Gnomes With Class: For the LIGHT!



Notes: Gnome Paladin Progress

The trainees don’t seem to understand they concept of sacrifice.  They have a strong since of community responsibility, but they view boons and burns as things to be shared equally.  The idea that one individual should do all the suffering alone is foreign to them.

The more I study the history and philosophy of the Paladin Orders, the more I see gnomish society through the lenses of the tall folk.  Our pragmatism is extreme compared to may other races.  Humans and dwarves have had priest and paladins as cornerstones of their civilizations for a long time.  Both those societies outlawed the practices of warlocks as well.  Gnomes on the other hand openly accept warlocks with little second thought, and our priests are new to the game. They are still feeling out how they fit in with the rest of gnome kind.

How did we get to this place?  Gnomes have gone from an ancient history as the custodians of the watchers to summoners of demons who have alienated themselves to the light. How do we go back?  Why don’t we seem to want to?

-Brizlin Fulgentbeam




Gnomes With Class: A new Gimmick


Brizlin Fulgentbeam: Great News Everyone!  Muffinus Chromebrew is having amazinf success!  He’s train gnomes as hunters AND has come out with a whole line of P.E.T.S.!

Patton Argiloam: NO! That’s Terrible!

Vicissivyld Windmeter: Why would that be terrible?

Argiloam: Because, once Mekktorque gets a new class, he will pull our funding until the next expan.. er.. military campaign.

Fulgetntbeam: Not if we can show him all the progress we’ve made!

Windmeter: What progress have you made?  I’ve not had much luck with these elves.

Fulgentbeam: We just need to think.  How do gnomes improve the techniques we are practicing… how do we overclock these classes… I’VE GOT IT!  Super curse removal!  Paladins are great at removing curses right?  I’ve come up with a tequnique that allows Gnome, Dwarve, and Humans Paladins to remove the curse of flesh from themselves and gain the strength of their Mechagnome, Earthen, and Vyrkul Ancestors!

Argiloam: That’s a great IDEA I can do that too and call it, “Form of the Ancestor”

Windmeter: No, shapeshifting is MY thing.  If anyone’s going to do it, it’s me

Fulgentbeam: HEY! This was MY idea.  You guys can’t do it!

Argiloam: Doesn’t matter if it’s your IDEA if you can’t DO it.

Windmeter: It’s simple.  Whoever can ACTUALLY transform themselves in to a Mecha-gnome first, takes the idea to Mekkatorque.


Windmeter: Oh.  You guys know Jepetto Joybuzz too huh?

Inspiration from Vicissivyld Windmeter

Windmeter has been meditating with her trainees.  They have a mantra they have been repeating, but so far no luck on figuring it out.  They only whisper or mumble the words.

We’ve been finding bits of her instructional material. It seems to all be little snippets of wish washy ‘inspirational’ stuff.

“Concentrate really hard on relaxing”

“Don’t dream it, BECOME IT!”

“A dream is plan your heart makes”

“Dreams will take you places there is no other way to normally access”

“You are the dreamer of your life.  You shape it.”

“Stare your nightmares in the face, tame them, bridle them, and make them work for you.”

“Your dreams will come true, once you realize your already dreaming”

“You can’t do anything without dreaming it first.”

“Every thought you have is just a waking dream”

“Dreams come from the stars, they are a two way tether we can pull the heavens to our side”

“A dream is a portal directly in to your own imagination”


Recon: Vicissivyld Windmeter

It appears that Windmeter has declined to go to Darnassus.  She is moving forward with her recruits.  She has some of her own ideas about how to tab in to the powers that druids use.  She is using her recruits as test subjects more than students.  I almost admire that.

According to reports she told the recruits:

“We are going to embark on a journey in to the dream.  Another world that elves, worgen, tauren and trolls are able to travel to.  There are portals to the world all over Azeroth.  We are going to study the magic from this plane and master it to transform ourselves in to new, more powerful forms. Once we have mastered it, we will improve it! Our motto is going to be, ‘If you can dream it, you can ascend to it!'”



Intelligence Report: Vicissivyld Windmeter

Mekkatorques has chosen a gnome to master druid transformations. Vissisy…  Vikisis… #$%* kind of a name is this?  Viciss…ivyld… Windmeter.  Windemeter has met with the Arch-Druid, Malfurion Stormrage.  I’m amazed that Mekkatorque has the clout to put these meetings together.  I must have underestimated his pull in the Alliance.

Reports say that the meeting was long and painful.  Windmeter asked lots of awkward questions that Stormrage didn’t seem to understand.  When he did answer a question, Vicisisyciis Windmeter seemed confused by the answer.  There was not a lot of understanding between the two.  In the end, Malfurion invited her to spend some time in Darnassus to study how they do things there.

If she makes this journey I will have to figure out a way to keep tabs on her from the other side of the world.


Decoded: Patton Argiloam

BLAST IT! Argiloam has been teaching those fools all along.  He’s been speaking in Kalimag and the IDIOTS reporting to me couldn’t recognize it.  His ‘mad ramblings’ were really instructions all along.  All the information we’ve gathered so far was wrong. He has big plans for his student and himself.

We will have to keep a much closer eye on him.