Should the Faction Divide be Eliminated?

Every now and again I hear people talking about how the factions should be eliminated from World of Warcraft to facilitate easier game play.  That the model of dual factions is outdated and we should all be able to group with whomever we want.

I do understand the mechanics behind such a request.  When someone has friends that have mains in the opposite faction it can be a hassle.  Faction swap might be an option if you have some friends over here and some friends over there.

Generally the rebuttals to this are something along the lines of, “But it’s World of WARcraft.” and “The factions can’t put aside their long histories.

But what if instead of merging the existing factions they disintegrated completely.  In Mists we saw the horde rip itself in two.  It easily could have been a wound that the faction failed to recover from.  Ironforge is in a similar position with trying to keep all the dwarf clans living in peace under one roof.  The reintroduction of the Highborn to Darnassus, and there has been strife in the Exodar over acceptance of the broken draenei.  All that is just in the Alliance.  If these cities go to war with themselves, then they can’t support the large group they are supposed to be a part of.

If this were to happen it would increase the amount of conflict and war in the setting, so that’s a plus, and the “but it’s World of WARcraft” argument doesn’t work.  Dissolving the factions also undermines the historical animosities, because those organizations that were involved wouldn’t exist in the same capacity.

Ather argument that I’ve heard is, “It wouldn’t make sense to have Orcs running around Stormwind.”  To that I say, it could be that each race has one or two other capital cities that they are still always considered at war with, no orcs in Stormwind, no worgen in the Undercity, etc.

What do you think?  Faction Pride or Factions Outdated?

TL;DR Ironforge should destroy itself in civil war and Gnomeregan should replace it as a capital city.  It’s in a much better location because it could have a submarine port on the coast.



7 thoughts on “Should the Faction Divide be Eliminated?

  1. I wish it was never there to begin with. That the different races would fight each other independently, e.g. night elves fighting orcs AND humans in Ashenvale. Undead fighting both sides similarly, etc., but working together in different places. It’s still goddamn war, but it doesn’t have to be humans vs bloody orcs.

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    • Yea, they keep beating the same old drums. They need to give the other races more attention. Let someone else stir the pot. Orcs are ALWAYS the aggressors. Let some other characters, like Magatha or Moira start the next conflict.


      • Or let it be more than two sides. My idea of how WoW should have been would have all the races remain independent. Of course, humans, dwarves and gnomes would frequently work together, just like orcs, tauren and trolls, but that’s about it. Everyone else can fight everyone else.

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  2. Hm, good post and question. I think there should be a way to group up with those friends I have across faction – and I think it’s very possible to make it all fit into lore/write a story about it that makes sense. I still think we should not all be thrown into a big bunch and, as your example, have trolls running around in Stormwind etc., but still. A way for your own character to take a stand, and decide if they want to be at war or not with the other faction.

    I’m not sure about your TL:DR version.. 😉

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