REAVER MADNESS! GvG Demolition Derby

Meet the “Reaver Madness!” This team representing Orgrimmar are no longer members of the Burning Blade, these ex(?) warlocks still know their was around a fel reaver!  They will be entering the demolition derby with a design stolen inspired by Gul-dan’s fel reaver in Hellfire Citadel!

Team: Reaver Madness

Members: Brazie Faceburn, Striker Felforge, and Mactar Kapoxalyps.

Bot Name: “Fel No”

Quote: “Our ultimate goal is to get a bot that really level a whole city.  I dream of org… uh Stormwind in flames, followed by all the other cities on Azeroth… uh, except the Horde ones, I guess…”





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