Demolition Derby! Goblins vs Gnomes

Presenting the First Annual International Goblins vs Gnomes Giant Mech Demolition Derby!

Since the flooding of the Shimmering Flats in the Cataclysm, the annual Goblins vs Gnomes Demolition Derby has been canceled.  This year I am reviving the competition AND expanding it!  No long strictly Goblins and Gnomes, we’ve opened the competition!  All nations from of both the Alliance and Horde have been invited to sponsor a team and built a giant remote controlled fighting mech and show off their engineering prowess!

We have sixteen teams signed up and ready to fight!  Every weekday you will meet two of the teams.  Who will be victorious?  Who will be a pile of scrap?  You can take part!  We’ll need judges to rate each match, and that is where YOU come in!  YOU will be asked to vote for which team should win!

Help up celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of Azeroth’s most mechanically inclined!

Current Fight: Check the Pinned Tweet!



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