Gnomes With Class: A new Gimmick


Brizlin Fulgentbeam: Great News Everyone!  Muffinus Chromebrew is having amazinf success!  He’s train gnomes as hunters AND has come out with a whole line of P.E.T.S.!

Patton Argiloam: NO! That’s Terrible!

Vicissivyld Windmeter: Why would that be terrible?

Argiloam: Because, once Mekktorque gets a new class, he will pull our funding until the next expan.. er.. military campaign.

Fulgetntbeam: Not if we can show him all the progress we’ve made!

Windmeter: What progress have you made?  I’ve not had much luck with these elves.

Fulgentbeam: We just need to think.  How do gnomes improve the techniques we are practicing… how do we overclock these classes… I’VE GOT IT!  Super curse removal!  Paladins are great at removing curses right?  I’ve come up with a tequnique that allows Gnome, Dwarve, and Humans Paladins to remove the curse of flesh from themselves and gain the strength of their Mechagnome, Earthen, and Vyrkul Ancestors!

Argiloam: That’s a great IDEA I can do that too and call it, “Form of the Ancestor”

Windmeter: No, shapeshifting is MY thing.  If anyone’s going to do it, it’s me

Fulgentbeam: HEY! This was MY idea.  You guys can’t do it!

Argiloam: Doesn’t matter if it’s your IDEA if you can’t DO it.

Windmeter: It’s simple.  Whoever can ACTUALLY transform themselves in to a Mecha-gnome first, takes the idea to Mekkatorque.


Windmeter: Oh.  You guys know Jepetto Joybuzz too huh?


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