Inspiration from Vicissivyld Windmeter

Windmeter has been meditating with her trainees.  They have a mantra they have been repeating, but so far no luck on figuring it out.  They only whisper or mumble the words.

We’ve been finding bits of her instructional material. It seems to all be little snippets of wish washy ‘inspirational’ stuff.

“Concentrate really hard on relaxing”

“Don’t dream it, BECOME IT!”

“A dream is plan your heart makes”

“Dreams will take you places there is no other way to normally access”

“You are the dreamer of your life.  You shape it.”

“Stare your nightmares in the face, tame them, bridle them, and make them work for you.”

“Your dreams will come true, once you realize your already dreaming”

“You can’t do anything without dreaming it first.”

“Every thought you have is just a waking dream”

“Dreams come from the stars, they are a two way tether we can pull the heavens to our side”

“A dream is a portal directly in to your own imagination”



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