Intelligence Report: Patton Argiloam

When my spies reported that Mekkatorque had reached out to the notorious hermit Patton Argiloam I thought they had made a mistake.  But there is now confirmation that it has happened.  I almost regret having the first wave of spies executed.  Apparently after years of living alone and talking to no one but thin air, the air finally ANSWERED HIM! Now he hangs out with elementals. Mekkatorque has called on him to teach his new ‘technique’ to other gnomes so that they might become shaman.  This is DOOMED to fail.

Years alone have done nothing for Pattons interpersonal skills.  Mekkatorque (on Brizlin Fulgentbeam’s advice) arranged a meeting between Argiloam and Farseer Nobundo.  Patton forgot about the meeting and they had to hunt him down.  When they eventually found him, he sneared at them and made a scene, thoroughly embarrassing Mekkatorque.  Oh I wish I could have seen the look on that old cogs face, BWAHAhahahahahah!





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