Brizlin Fulgentbeam: Stolen Diary

Highlights from diary stolen from Brizlin Fulgentbeam:

…Received a request from the High Tinker today.  He wants to discuss my research my investigations in to the light.  I hope I can get him to understand how useful and important this is.  The Alliance will take us more seriously once we prove we can hold ourselves up to the strict standards of the Paladin orders…

…the High Tinker said he will fully support my research!  I am little disappointed that he didn’t really want to listen to what I have accomplished so far, and he lumped my project in with some other gnomes working on studying other cultural constructs.  I don’t think that what I am doing can be compared to trying to turn in to an animal or talking to dirt…

…tried reaching out to famous paladins.  Why are they so hard to find?  I know rogues that are easier to keep up with.  You would think that ‘beacons of light’ (even metaphorical ones) would be easier to locate.  I sent two letters off to the only two Horde paladins I could learn the names of.  I highly doubt they will show up, but I NEED some name recognition behind me…

…my recruits are really disappointing.  They want to dissect the light and see how it works.  I need to get them to loosen up so the light can flow through them.  I had selected my students from priests, but I’m starting to think that was a mistake…

…it’s going to take time but I know I’m going to crack this.  Once I figure out the trick,  we will be past the hardest part!



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