Intelligence Report: Brizlin Fulgentbeam

My spies report that Mekkatorque has ordered gnomes to research all manner of new ‘methods’ to help combat upcoming threats.  He is bolstered by “Doc” Cogspins ability to teach gnomes the arts of the priest hood.  I guess he finally got it through his THICK SKULL that variety and specialization will make gnomes stronger as a whole!

He has assigned a gnome named Brizlin Fulgentbeam to master and teach the skill sets of paladins to gnomes.  One of my spies intercepted a progress report to Mekkatorque:

High Tinker,

I have been researching all the most famous paladins on Azeroth, including: Uther the Lightbringer, Turalyon, Vindicator Marrad, Arthas Menethil, Alexandos Morgraine, Bolvar Fordragon, and Tirion Fordring.  Attempts to locate and contact all these individuals failed.  I had also sent messages to two Horde paladins, Lady Liadrin and Sunwalker Dezco.  You can imagine my shock when they were the only two that showed up!  Both told me sad and disturbing stories of their path to grace in the light.  I am sure that I and my gnome trainees will have more luck wielding this holy power than those before us.

I’ve begun training the recruits. They are eager.  Once I convince them that ‘channeling the light’ in to your target is how you HEAL them and NOT how you burn a hole in them with a laser, we will be past the hardest part!

In your Service,

Brizlin Fulgentbeam



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