What are Gnome Vices?

More from Art Pressparch’s “Gnome Virtues” book.

Gnomes can find themselves more prone to certain vices than other races.  Individual gnomes are very giving.  They have a tendency to ‘put it all out there’  this can lead to excess.  Gnomes sometimes contribute more than their fair share in ways that damage their ability to function in the future.  Other times, gnomes put out things that don’t contribute or even impair the goals of the group.  These lead to fatigue  over-extension, squander, vanity, bragging, and immodesty.

On the other side are gnomes of too much modesty, those that believe their contributions are insignificant or even burdensome to those around them.  Many a gnomes has seen a group that works well and thought, “There is no need for me here.” and thereby denied others a new and unique source of ideas.

Many gnomes go too far with their ideas and things become unnecessarily Complicated or Grandiose.  This is especially a problem when trying to set an example for other races.  The tall folk like things to be simple and direct. Many a gnomes attempt to capture nuance has been perceived as convoluted and unproductive.  No matter how good your solution is, it helps no one if the explanation is too confounding to be put in to practice.

HA! That ‘insignificant’ part has Mekkatorque written all over it.  I don;t see any of these that apply to ME either, so that feels good.  How about you?  What’s wrong with you gnome?


What are Gnome Virtues?

I was brought a philosophy book on Gnomish Virtues.  One of my minions dug it out the pneumatic restocking tubes that used to keep the Gnomeregan Library organized.  The books in there did not get damaged like their counterparts setting out on the shelves.

According to Art Pressparch (the books author) the three primary virtues of the gnomes race are, quote:

Co-operation: Gnomes work together.  Each gnome serves a function that facilitates the operation of gnomish society as a whole.  All gnomes share increases in utility; all gnomes share in

Elaboration: Gnomes do not like simple answers.  The world is a complicated place, and gnomes want to make sure that all contingencies are accounted for.  Gnomes want fail safes and redundancies put in to place.  Gnome solutions need to have built in options so that changes can be made on the fly.

Pragmatism: Gnome solutions need to work. When a Gnome applies themselves, the do so full force.

I don’t think I agree.  Philosophy isn’t my strong suit, but I think there are more than three good things about gnomes!

What do you think?  What are the great virtues of gnome-kind?


Gnomes with Class: Form Up!

Vicissivyld Windmeter: Alright everyone.  The key to transforming in to a bear is to imagine yourself Tenacious, Powerful and Ferocious!


Now I want you to follow suit.  Imagine yourself Tenacious, Powerful and Ferocious!  Let your inner strength flow over you and transform your outer form to match!


Alright lets see…

Very good #1!  The goggles are a nice touch!

A robo-bear #2?  Now you’re just showing off.

Good effort you are almost there #3, but we want full bear, not an biped.

#4 … I did not know that about you!

Warcraft Movie Garona is the Best Garona

It’s really nice to see Garona handled so well.  Everything about her has been improved in the film.  Normally, movies aren’t considered as good as the source material, but for this character, the movie is much better than the source material.

Garona has been a part of Warcraft for as long as it has existed, and in all that time, she has always struggled with her place in the story.  Her back story has been retconed more than any other, and she has been shoe horned in and then cut in almost every game.

The only thing Garona gets to do in WC1 is be rescued.  That is literally the only thing.

She is absent from Warcraft 2

In WC3 she was cut and replaced with Grom Hellscream.

In Vanilla WoW, she was cut and replaced as the leader of Ravenholdt.

In Legion she has been demoted and replaced by Ravenholdt (again).

The the comics, her mind control by Gul’dan was torturous, when that transferred to Cho’Gall it made her an almost unusable character. She literally had to spend every waking moment hiding and avoiding contact with sentient beings. Both for fear of them either controlling her or if she decided they were ok, betraying them because of the curse Sargeras put on her.

Garona’s backstory in game is a monstrous.  It’s horrific in in narrative implications, and and a mess to try to write for or relate to.  Her story is the most tangled mess in all of Warcraft.  That makes the changes that come in to movie so welcome.  The things that were cut, I was happy to see go.

Durotan didn’t exist when WC1 was written. Garona was absence from the WC2 game, but that doesn’t exclude her from playing an important role in the next movies. It would be great to see her step up to a leadership role and try to play both side of the field.  It’s also a great opportunity for a heroic rogue, which is something else we almost never get to see.  I can totally imagine Garona being the Horde representative that meets with King Aiden Perenolde and negotiates the Horde’s peaceful passage through Alterac.


Gnomes With Class: For the LIGHT!



Notes: Gnome Paladin Progress

The trainees don’t seem to understand they concept of sacrifice.  They have a strong since of community responsibility, but they view boons and burns as things to be shared equally.  The idea that one individual should do all the suffering alone is foreign to them.

The more I study the history and philosophy of the Paladin Orders, the more I see gnomish society through the lenses of the tall folk.  Our pragmatism is extreme compared to may other races.  Humans and dwarves have had priest and paladins as cornerstones of their civilizations for a long time.  Both those societies outlawed the practices of warlocks as well.  Gnomes on the other hand openly accept warlocks with little second thought, and our priests are new to the game. They are still feeling out how they fit in with the rest of gnome kind.

How did we get to this place?  Gnomes have gone from an ancient history as the custodians of the watchers to summoners of demons who have alienated themselves to the light. How do we go back?  Why don’t we seem to want to?

-Brizlin Fulgentbeam




Warcraft Could still break the ‘Video Game Curse’

Mainly, I don’t think there is a “Video Game Curse” I think there is a Video Game STIGMA.

Back when the Warcraft movie was announced people began spinning a narrative about how it would be bad, before the narrative of the movie was even finalized.

The biggest flaw of video game movies (other than being made by Uwe Boll) is that they try to turn the interesting mechanics of a game in to visual and narrative devices.  Duncan Jones doesn’t try to to do that. The action scenes don’t look like World of Warcraft group battle, they look like action movie scenes, and that is a good thing.  Khadgar does make a joke about spell duration, but other than that we don’t see anything like cooldowns, or mana bars, because those things are mechanical limits of the game and not part of it narrative appeal.

I think that in the end, because the movie did so well in China, we will see a sequel.  Fans and the public have seen the movie and expressed a huge amount of positive support for it.  Critics might (might) actually pull their heads out of their butts and WATCH the second movie.  It’s a little late to recant on unfair reviews of the first film at this point, but by the time we get to the third one, I think we will have seen an end to the video game movie stigma.

Things and stuff that are relevant:

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