Missing Gnome Geniuses: Part 1 of 2

Let’s face it.  Gnome are sold as a super intelligent race of genius engineers, but in practice everything they do seems to fall flat on it’s face.  We see lots of gadgets designed by gnomes take intelligence, but we never see gnomes applying there intellectual prowess in day to day activities.

The Super Genius archetype is what drew me to gnomes in the first place.  A race as smart as gnomes, should never have blown up their own city before evacuating it.  When shown forged numbers on the irradiator, Mekkatorque should have immediately said, “WTF is this Sicco?  These numbers are Garbage, and your ONLY fail-safe are your untested KLEAN AIR filters.  We can’t do this.” full stop.

GnomeXrayDumb2Therr is a big focus on technological development, and we see gnomes have an understanding of physics and science that far exceeds other races.  Genius is rarely so narrowly focused.  I want to see brilliant gnomes doing strange inscrutable things that make you think, “what the heck is going on” and then at the end when the plan comes together you think, “WOW I didn’t see that coming how did they pull that of it’s incredible”

We never see gnomes strategizing.  They get an idea and act on it.  A lack for forethought is mot the mark of a Genius!

Tomorrow We’ll looks at a few of the things that could be added to bolster the “super Genius” fantasy.



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