Question for my friends that have Chronicle already

If the dwarves went to sleep and were inactive, and the gnomes stayed awake and active, why are there so make more dwarven settlements than gnome ones?

I assume that Humans did not go to sleep like dwarves did, and their proliferation (more human settlements than dwarven ones) makes sense.  Being awake and active, they naturally spread.  Why are gnomes not as prolific?  They too were awake and active while the dwarves slept. I don’t expect there to be more gnome cities than human ones, but there should be more gnome cities than dwarven ones.

Was there an environmental factor that plagued the gnomes and prevent their spread.  If they continued to reproduce at a ‘normal’ rate, surely they should have surpassed the sleeping dwarves after a few thousand years.

I had been expecting Gnomes to have either gone to sleep before, or woken up long after dwarves to explain their low presence in the world.  I don’t have a copy of Chronicles and don’t know when I will get my hands on one, so I figured I would just ask.

Isn’t it bizarre that dwarf cities out number gnome cities 6 to 1?



DwarfGnomePopThe number of PC gnomes is almost identical to the number of PC dwarves, but dwarves get exponential more focus.



5 thoughts on “Question for my friends that have Chronicle already

  1. Perhaps the fact the earthen remained dormant while the mechagnomes stayed active accounts for it neatly. Wear-and-tear eventually culled the number of mechagnomes such that there were far many more earthen.

    As the Curse of Flesh took hold, the much larger number of earthen became dwarves as the smaller number of mechagnomes became gnomes. Maybe?

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