Favorite Warcraft Quote

Tarren asked Twitter last week what everyone’s favorite Warcraft quote is.  My first thought was from Wrath, when a defeated Arthas says, “I see only Darkness before me.”

I like that scene. It gives me chills. I think the way that Terenas holds Arthas and speaks to him is very forgiving and understanding, which makes sense because Arthas is still his son. There are a ton of emotion in that scene given the backstory, the setting, the blocking, it’s great.

Over the weekend another quote snuck in to my mind.  It’s from Varimathras,

“We’re not a cult, so much as a maniacal group of fanatical blade wielding zealots.”

For one, the quote is HILARIOUS! I think it’s as funny as Illian’s ‘Darkness Called Me’ jokes.  It also actually helped me put a few things about Azeroth in to prospective.

For one, there are a TON of cults in Warcraft; Demon cults, Undead cults, Old God cults, Dragon cults.  Which makes since, because any strong willed leader can actually manipulate the forces of life and death to ‘prove’ their philosophy  is correct.

And it relates back in to how Nathrezim work. They aren’t huge and powerful like the Annihilan. They are manipulators. Once exposed, their plans fall apart and they have to flee or be killed.

After all these years it still makes me chuckle.


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