#Warcraft Chronicles: Classes

The Hearthstone leak that Maiev Shadowsong is a Rogue prompted me to reexamine something.  I had said that I considered Maiev a Paladin, a Shadow Paladin.  Problem is that Shadow Paladin isn’t really a thing in Warcraft.  There are some places that seem to imply they might exist, but nothing too solid.

In a lot of settings, Death Knights are Anti-Paladins.  I’ve never quite felt this way about DKs on Azeroth.  An Anti-Paladin would functionally be identical to a Paladin but use Shadow Damage rather than Holy.  I felt like Chronicles verified this with their Cosmology chart.  Holy and Death are not polar opposites, Holy and Shadow are.  So I started putting this together to prove my point:


And I realized, Anti-paladin is Rogue.  So I guess by my own Logic Maiev is an Anti-Paladin if she is a Rogue.  It still doesn’t seem right to me.  Maiev used a random assortment of abilities in WC3, Blink, Fan of Knives, Shadow Strike and Avatar of Vengance.  The Avatar of Vengeance ability really reminds me of the Paladin Guardian.  She also wears plate…

In the end I guess she is a rogue, but I have to agree with @Arakkoa “Garona was the obvious, perfect choice”

Side note: I wanted to connect Rogue to Air, but I couldn’t find a strong path or link to justify it.  It’s just a feeling I have about rogues.






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