Two Things I Want to Know About Thermaplugg #OOC

There are two major questions I have about Mekigineer Thermaplugg. 

First, what did he do during the Second War?  My head canon is that he was in command of the Gnomish Submarines while Mekkatorque was in command of the Flying Machines. That is pure speculation based on the fact that the preview of Mekkatorques HotS character was in a flying machine, and Gnome Subs are the only other Gnome units in WC2.

Second, I would like the answer to a question that Blizzard brings up in thr discription of the Gnomeregan dungeon, “However, due to reasons even Thermaplugg can’t remember, he found himself locked inside Gnomeregan when the bomb release began.

I really want to know why Thermaplugg stayed in Gnomeregan.  Was there another Gnome we went back for?  Did he think he was in a safe place?  Was there a moment of regret and he went back to disarm the bomb?  Was there some external force influencing his behavior?  It’s a huge question, and gives me the most problems when trying to be consistent when RPing Thermaplugg.  I work around it by playing as a liar, as crazy, and as if his memory is corrupt and unreliable.

If I could get one answer about him I think the answer to that question would shine the most light on who he is and how he thinks.



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