Another Reason We Need Lore

Head canon is fun, but the less lore their is, the harder it is to role-play.

My blog posts contain conflicting head canon, because I change my mind about things, or have ideas I like, but they don’t actually work together.  As fun as the #Sicco2016 campaign is, I’ve gotten some questions I can’t answer, because the answers do not exist.

Who votes for High Tinker?

How often are elections?

What are the term limits?

What are the requirements to run?

What kind of succession is there to replace a High Tinker in the even one dies or goes missing?

Under High Tinker, what kind of cabinet positions exist?

More generally, I have talked to several people about what gnomes do when they are not at war?  What do Gnomeregan civilians do?  What function do mages, rogues, and other serve in Gnomeregan society proper?

It’s almost impossible to write a character history for a gnome that goes back before the fall of Gnomeregan, because we know nothing about Gnomeregan pre-explosion.

I really hope Chronicles, or the (possible) future re-releases of Warcraft I, II and III on mobile gives us some new tidbits or glimpses in to Gnome history.



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