Polling Numbers

Mekkatorque and I have both been getting some polling numbers to see where our campaigns stand.  Even though he APPEARS to be showing a lead, I still feel like I’ve got a strong showing.  The MOST disappointing thing to me is how few people bothered to vote.

The media might cast me as the villain, but gnomes know things are never so black and white.  I have guided all of recent gnome history.  I’m the first gnome that new gnomes learn about.  I’ve stuck with Gnomeregan.  I’m not leaving until it is restored.  I know Mekkatorque is busy restoring Orgrimmar for the horde, because reasons?  I’m sure he has a good excuse why he’d rather fight for Vol’jin than for gnomes.

The truth is gnomes need me, and I need them! Lets gather here, in this city and raise it up to be the best place on Azeroth.  We can do it!  I believe!



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