Hero Classes Could Go Further to Break the Mold

The Current Hero classes, Death Knight and Demon Hunter are REALLY cool.  I like how Death Knight tried to add a really unique resource system, and Demon Hunter tries to do things that no other class can.  But in the long run, they are built and balanced like any of the other core classes.

I would really like to see some “Hero” Classes that shake things up as far as play style.  There are few ‘challenge mode’ things that people already do in wow that could lend themselves to this.

For example, some people play a Pacifist. They don’t do quests or kill mobs, the level up through professions and other none-aggressive means. That would be a real game changing class.  At level ten you could pick between an Artisan, or a Diplomat for your specialization.  Artisan could increase your efficiency with your professions, possibly opening up extra slots.  and Diplomat could give you bonuses to reputations, let you learn other languages, and possibly make you neutral to the opposing faction.  ((this class would not be able to swap specs after they had been chosen))

Something similar could be done for the Ironman challenge, but that might work more as a template of restrictions for the current classes, rather than a whole new class.

Lunk (1)




More Barbershop Options

I’ve heard it said that Blizzard is unhappy about how the barbershop turned out.  I like it, and I think there is a lot they could do with it still!

They could tie things to achievements or quests the way so many other collections in the game are now.

Imagine if hitting a certain level with a profession unlocked a new type of feature?  It might be a way to work on those quivers and stuff they have been talking about.  Goggle headbands for Engineers?  New hair colors for Alchemists?  Glowing rune tattoos for Inscribers?  More piercings for skinners?

Each profession could have a backpack that gets more and more stuff as you level up!  You could wear it around , and other players could com interact with your pack for access to your profession!  It would be like each player was a tiny roaming Garrison building!options



…Ok, I think I’ve strayed in to some pretty insane territory there.  My point is.. or was… That the barbershop could use some achievement based options.  Either base things like new hair styles and hair colors, OR entire new options like tattoos and scars.

Wardrobe Panic!

I panicked of the fate of my Wardrobe.  When WoWhead launched their Quest Wardrobe tool http://legion.wowhead.com/wardrobe I loaded my main in to it and looked at all the plate and weapons he had unlocked, everything was great, old quest stuff was in there, beautiful!

Then I logged in on a really old Alt.  How old?  Vanilla old.  When Cata came out, someone sent me a Scroll of Resurrection and I used in on this character, boosted him to 80, and transferred him to a new server.  How long has it been since then?  well, he’s level 81 so that should give you some context.

When I loaded this old character, I was HORRIFIED to find he did not have any Pre-Cata quest rewards.  I assumed (I think wrongly now) that the transfer had wiped his pre-cata quest history.

So I did another experiment.  My roommate had a character on my account who has not been played since BC.  He had something like 8 quest rewards total.  So I’ve finally managed to call myself down, I assume that these characters are not loading correctly or competently in to WoWhead because they have not been logged in to in so long, so their armory entries are probably not 100% up to snuff to pull the data from.

Crisis averted, heart rate slowing.  I’m secure knowing I’ll have most of the Pre-cata armor Avaiable to Warriors, Hunter and Rogues. I’m sad now I never managed to level a clothy pre-cata that I did not end up deleting.



Tinkers in Warcraft

I think a tinker class would work in Warcraft.  We have Goblins and Gnomes.  The legion is big on building large robots, and we’ve seen a steampunk airship in an opening cut scene now. tinkerWe also have a Tinker as a base representation of Warcraft in Heroes of the Storm. I know that what happens in HotS is not lore for the games they pull from, from the very beginning this character, a ticker, was included to represent Warcraft, and it is not out of place.  It does seem like some crazy thing that isn’t from Warcraft.  Gazlowe fits right in next to Arthas, Illidan, and Uther.

I used to think that the Engineering Profession would overlap to much, but I realize now that simply isn’t true.  Inscription and Death Knight both use runes, but they do not overlap in game mechanics in anyway.  The Engineering Profession has little to no combat abilities.

There is a lot of sentiment about their being too many classes in the game now.  I totally get that.  I personally think that tinker could be a forth spec for Rogues.  The Defias Bandits have a strong leaning towards engineering.  I think it would be a good way to add a tanking spec to that class. (literally, in a tank)

Ogres Would be a Terrible Player Race


I feel like they are a really natural fit that could easily work as an addition to the Horde. It would be easy to write them in and they have a ton of lore to support them.

But I don’t think it would be worth the effort.  They don’t bring anything new to the game.

ogremagiunitThey are pink orcs that sometime have two heads.  Two heads is really cool, but there are more interesting races, visually, architecturally, and lore wise that could be added.  Being giants could be a hook for them, but they could not be larger than any of the current in game races because (I assume) somethings, like doorways, are just built without ten+ foot tall players in mind.

Honestly.  There are so many races now.  I don’t feel like we need any more.  Once Goblins were added, I personally felt like the line up was complete.

There are races people still want (Arakkoa, Naga, Dragonoids, Murloc, Satyrs).  It feels like any race that was in your army during the Warcraft RTS games ‘deserves’ (for lack of a better term) a presence as a playable race in WoW, but certainly there has to be some kind of critical mass where it becomes a burden.

I just wonder where the game can go.  Maybe adding cosmetic sub-races and 4th specs could be a real alternative.  They could be done in small batches, and would slow down the roster bloat.

I really want to see more expansions of the characters we have in game, rather than reasons to abandon/race change them in favor of newer things.


Evil Twin Name Game

I have an evil twin name game I play.  I look up the meanings of names, the look up names that mean as close to the opposite as I can.

For example:

Sicco Thermaplugg, my evil twin would be Madefacio Frigipump!

Sicco = Latin for Dry

Thermal = Relating to heat

Plug = Any piece of wood, metal, or other substance used to stop or fill a hole

evil twin

Madefacio = Latin, to wet

Frigid = Cold

Pump = A device for moving or compressing a liquid or gas.


Terran Justice Gregory‘s evil twin would be Caelestis Nefarious Cecilia

Terran = derived from terra, the Latin term for Earth.

Justice = from Latin iustitia ‘righteousness, equity’

Gregory = Greek name “Γρηγόριος” (Grēgorios) meaning “watchful, alert”

evil twin

Celeste =  In Latin is: Of the heavens; Heavenly.  (Heavens would be opposite of Earthly right?)

NefariousLatin nefārius wicked, vile, equivalent tonefās offense against divine or moral law  (Honestly with a middle name like “Justice” this one was easy.)

Cecilia = from Latin caecus “blind” (Since Gregory means “Watchful” and “Alert” blind seemed appropriate)