Gnome INVASION to HotS

While we are waiting for Mekkatorque as a new character in HotS.  What should Mekkatorque bring to the play field?   The question is, “What about Gnomes and Engineering is left that need representation?”  Goblin Tinker Gazlowe pilots a Mech and drops turrets.  Gnomish Engineering is more about Shrink Rays, Homing Chickens, Alarm-o-bots and Teleporting (Ultra-safe, I assure you!)  Most Gnome Tech is about Crowd Control, Mind Control, Control, control, CONTROL!

Thermaplugg would be a cool skin for Gazlowe

Gnomish Flying Machine/Tinkmaster Overspark as a skin for Falstad

Annoy-o-tron Skin for Murky

And of course Nova Gnome, AKA Gnome-va, AKA Gnova!



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