More Barbershop Options

I’ve heard it said that Blizzard is unhappy about how the barbershop turned out.  I like it, and I think there is a lot they could do with it still!

They could tie things to achievements or quests the way so many other collections in the game are now.

Imagine if hitting a certain level with a profession unlocked a new type of feature?  It might be a way to work on those quivers and stuff they have been talking about.  Goggle headbands for Engineers?  New hair colors for Alchemists?  Glowing rune tattoos for Inscribers?  More piercings for skinners?

Each profession could have a backpack that gets more and more stuff as you level up!  You could wear it around , and other players could com interact with your pack for access to your profession!  It would be like each player was a tiny roaming Garrison building!options



…Ok, I think I’ve strayed in to some pretty insane territory there.  My point is.. or was… That the barbershop could use some achievement based options.  Either base things like new hair styles and hair colors, OR entire new options like tattoos and scars.


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