Tinkers in Warcraft

I think a tinker class would work in Warcraft.  We have Goblins and Gnomes.  The legion is big on building large robots, and we’ve seen a steampunk airship in an opening cut scene now. tinkerWe also have a Tinker as a base representation of Warcraft in Heroes of the Storm. I know that what happens in HotS is not lore for the games they pull from, from the very beginning this character, a ticker, was included to represent Warcraft, and it is not out of place.  It does seem like some crazy thing that isn’t from Warcraft.  Gazlowe fits right in next to Arthas, Illidan, and Uther.

I used to think that the Engineering Profession would overlap to much, but I realize now that simply isn’t true.  Inscription and Death Knight both use runes, but they do not overlap in game mechanics in anyway.  The Engineering Profession has little to no combat abilities.

There is a lot of sentiment about their being too many classes in the game now.  I totally get that.  I personally think that tinker could be a forth spec for Rogues.  The Defias Bandits have a strong leaning towards engineering.  I think it would be a good way to add a tanking spec to that class. (literally, in a tank)


3 thoughts on “Tinkers in Warcraft

  1. I could see it being an option/enhancement for a couple classes (restricted to Gnomes/Goblins).

    Ranged enhancement for hunters (thinking MM makes the most sense since they’d be in love with mech not beasts).

    Melee enhancement on rogues (thinking combat/outlaw, since Assassination is more about poisons and mech is a little too shiny, clunky, and heavy for subtlety).

    Tank enhancement for Warriors (since they don’t rely on nature’s energy, fel-energy, the light, or undeath for their powers).

    I could also see this paving the way for other races to have flavor added to different classes.

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