Ogres Would be a Terrible Player Race


I feel like they are a really natural fit that could easily work as an addition to the Horde. It would be easy to write them in and they have a ton of lore to support them.

But I don’t think it would be worth the effort.  They don’t bring anything new to the game.

ogremagiunitThey are pink orcs that sometime have two heads.  Two heads is really cool, but there are more interesting races, visually, architecturally, and lore wise that could be added.  Being giants could be a hook for them, but they could not be larger than any of the current in game races because (I assume) somethings, like doorways, are just built without ten+ foot tall players in mind.

Honestly.  There are so many races now.  I don’t feel like we need any more.  Once Goblins were added, I personally felt like the line up was complete.

There are races people still want (Arakkoa, Naga, Dragonoids, Murloc, Satyrs).  It feels like any race that was in your army during the Warcraft RTS games ‘deserves’ (for lack of a better term) a presence as a playable race in WoW, but certainly there has to be some kind of critical mass where it becomes a burden.

I just wonder where the game can go.  Maybe adding cosmetic sub-races and 4th specs could be a real alternative.  They could be done in small batches, and would slow down the roster bloat.

I really want to see more expansions of the characters we have in game, rather than reasons to abandon/race change them in favor of newer things.



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