Intel on the Tinkers Council

My spy network has been reporting back to me on whose who in Mekkatorques forces.  I’ve been trying to crack who is on the Tinkers Council now.  Some gnomes that were on the council when Gnomeregan feel are still alive and kicking, but they might not still be on the Council.

My current suspects are:

Tinkmaster Overspark, Chief Architect of Gnomish Engineering: Very Likely.  He was a member of the council.  Outspoken, easily manipulable, I got him to banish Oglethorpe Obnoticus, the old fool.

“Doc” Cogspin, Surgeon General: No word yet on what her first name might actually be.  She may or may not be a previously established member.

Kelsey Steelspark, Gnomeregan Covert Ops: Certainly the most active member of the Gnomeregan Covert Ops.  Not sure if she really head of the group, or just their best agent.

Nevin Twistwrench, S.A.F.E. Commander: I’m doubtful of this one.  We have more intelligence on Nevin than almost anyone else on this list and frankly, I am not impressed.  Why Mekkatorque put someone so green in charge of the clean zone is a mystery to me.

Hinkles Fastblast, (Title Unknown): I’ve gathered the least amount of information on Fastblast.  He was a large part of Operation Gnomeregan, and seems more experienced that Drill Sergeant Steamcrank, but I don’t have enough info to tell which one is really in command.




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