Silly Head Canon

I have a ton of crazy head canon.  It’s absurd, and will never turn out to be what is really happening because it’s too far out.  But with a universe as big as Warcraft there are a lot of edges for people to build from.

Some examples:

  1. Draenei are the “Earthen” of Argus, but made from crystals instead of stone.  This probably means Argus is a giant geode.  Normal planet on the outside, complex hollow crystal structure on the inside.  As crystal people, what ever ‘energy’ fills them fills them completely.  when Draenei are good, they are paragons of good, when they are evil, they are paragons of evil.  There is no in between with them.
  2. Ancient Trolls found a Naaru on Azeroth and accidentally destroyed it.   This goes back the idea that Elune is a Naaru and takes it a step further.  A tribe of troll found a Naaru and tried to channel it’s power.  The Naaru ‘shattered’ and it’s energies went in to those trolls, making their eyes glow and mutating them in to elves.  That would mean that all Night Elves have a shard of a Naaru in them.
  3. The Emerald Dream is full of Gnomes.  They were left their by the Titans to ‘curate’ the Emerald Dream and prevent any influences from Azeroth from seeping backwards in to the Dream.

I love the creative spring board that Warcraft provides.  What story holes have you filled in your own mind?


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