@Arakkoa Bet

Edit:  I just discussed this Bet with @Arakkoa, turns out we set the date for 01/01/2017.  I’m still game though.  I know Terran is putting Mekkatorque in to a Legion cut scene.  That attention might help his case for HotS. If he got added to the roster late this year (November-ish) I would not be hugely surprised.  This makes things more interesting because it’s still up in the air, and more boring, because we have to wait a year, lol.

Way back in…  https://siccothermaplugg.wordpress.com/2015/10/19/the-bet-is-on/

I made a bet with Verroak Krasha (https://arakkoa.wordpress.com/) that Gelbin Mekkatorque would not be added to Heroes of the Storm before the end of the year.  He had a lot of well thought about points and reasonable evidence that supported his idea.  I had my secret weapon “But Blizzard hates Gnomes”  (With some exceptions, @TerranGregory and @jfield we love you, and we know you fight for us!)

I sadly won 😦 I would have loved to see Gelbin in HotS, mainly because I’m 100% sure that a Sicco Thermaplugg skin would have been included.

But I digress.  The bet was for drawing a picture of the other persons character.  Because I feel like in a way, we both lost.  I’m including a picture of his character.




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