Gnomeregan Hazardous Material Dissipators

Before the dark portal Gnomeregan was a very peaceful place.  Each gnome had a job and a role and they did their part to keep they city as a whole working at maximum efficiency.

The techniques utilized by current gnome “destruction” warlocks were developed for use by members of the Gnomeregan Hazardous Material Dissipators.  These gnome Incinerationists were in charge of removing dangerous materials from the city.  Any material that could not be eliminated through mundane means was pushed ‘outside’ to the twisting neither.

Two clarifications:

  1. Gnome Warlocks aren’t sanitation workers like garbage men, that was mostly handled by the Gnomeregan Water Works.
  2. We were not just throwing garbage in the twisting nether.  We established a dump so we knew where it was landing.

I was giving a Dark Iron warlock a tour and he was very offended because he mis-assumed the two points above.

These gnomes specialized in eliminating ‘surprises’ that resulted from experiments, taking down crazed robots, and sucking poisonous volatile fumes out in to the nether.  Like an experiment gone wrong S.W.A.T. team.  They showed up when things went really bad, and eliminated everything.

They were a pain in my butt when building the Irradiator 3000.  They kept showing up to confiscate materials and destroy things.  I had to get Mekkatorque to cut their resources and put them under my jurisdiction until I could finish my plans.



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