Operation Gnomeregan, Cut it Out Already!

An open letter to Mekkatorque,

I see you’ve not abandoned Operation: Gnomeregan. Despite BEING abandoned by all the tall races and even some impatient gnomes, you continue with phase two, de-radiating my leper gnomes, cleaning up toxic goo.  Sending newly de-radiated gnomes to clean up toxic goo!

Give it a rest already.  I’m not Zalazane.  You can’t just summon a god to kill me and break a mind control spell, and I don’t control a tiny little town.  I control a huge poisoned city.  All the citizens are infected, they aren’t under a spell you can break.

It will take you DECADES to clean it all up.  Your wasting gnome lives and resources on a personal vendetta against me.  You just can’t stand that I did love your inventions they way everyone else did.  A mechanical bird?  pfft, BIG DEAL!

I have my spies Mekkatorque.  Not every gnome loyal to me was irradiated.  Plenty knew how close minded you were and still are.  I see you assigning every new gnome that joins your ranks to Operation: Gnomeregan (http://wow.gamepedia.com/Quest:Operation:_Gnomeregan)

I see you have not managed to break in to my hanger yet.  I will figure a way to get it out, before you figure a way in you rusty old cog!

I’m no fool, and I will not sit idle while you undermine me.  I will undermine you!  I can do that, I am literally right below you.


Sicco Thermaplugg, H.T. MkG.




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