RPing a Thermaplugg Sympathizer

((This post is very #OOC))

Do you think gnomes need a larger presence in the world?  Do you think using alliances can be an efficient way to meet your ends?  Are you more than simply pragmatic in accomplishing your goals?

You’re thinking like Thermaplugg.

Every now and again I run in to a Forsaken or Death Knight that (oh so subtly) says BTW, I still work for the Scourge and the Lich King.  It also happens that there are Night Elves that have been #TeamIllidan since vanilla.

I’ve never run in to any gnome claiming to be a Thermaplugg Sympathizer, but doing Sicco on Twitter means I have to find ways to understand him.  Here are somethings I keep in my mind when portraying him.  Maybe these things can help someone looking to take on an RP challenge.

To start, a gnome that prefers Sicco to Gelbin probably knew Sicco or was very political.  Thermaplugg was a serious contender for High Tinker, so he must have had some Supporters, and probably Spys and Sicarios as well.  Any gnome that would have supported outward expansion in favor of Gelbins isolationism would have been in Siccos camp before the grand betrayal.

In the aftermath of the grand betrayal, I imagine there was a lot of confusion as to what had happened. In my mind, Sicco blames Gelbin for three reasons,

1. Gelbins isolationist tendency cut of Gnomeregan from much needed allies that could have help prevent the situation from getting as bad as it did.

2.  Gelbin did not double check the plans. As a “brilliant tinker” He should have been able to see how bad things were going to be.

3.  It was actually an accident.  Sicco never intended or wanted the irradiation to affect the gnome civilian population is the way

While Sicco did want to stir up the troggs and kill a few gnomes (souls that had promised their lives for a better Gnomeregan). It was a necessary sacrifice to overthrow Gelbin.  Sicco would in fact be building a the better Gnomeregan all those gnomes were promising to protect!

Gelbin sentencing Sicco to death is not Justice.  It’s covering his tracks. He’s to blame and he knows it.

That’s how I rationalize Sicco so that I can role-play him.

One last thing for a potential RPer to chew on.  Sicco stayed behind in the city when the worst was happening, while Gelbin ran to Ironforge.  The Gnome that wanted to expand Gnomeregan stay in it walls during it’s darkest hours.  Meanwhile the gnome that had always said they should be self sufficient and not lean on their neighbors, abandoned his convictions had ran away begging for help.

Mechanics aren’t supposed to matter as much for RP, but they kinda do to me.  What kind of gnomes are more likely to support Sicco? Goblin Engineers and Alchemists (I call both Chemical Engineers in character, because honestly what self respecting gnome says he practices Goblin Engineering?)

I assume at this point any Gnomes that currently dislike Gelbin are outlaws, or rogues at the very least.

Warlocks being more ruthless than most I could see being fans of Thermaplugg.

Warriors?  Certainly not protection warriors. Maybe some fury warriors that felt confined in Gnomeregan or by Gelbins ‘wait and see’ attitude.

Priests?  Funny thing, before Cata, there were no gnome priests, BUT their were Leper Gnomes that cast a light based heal spell.  What does that mean?  I don’t know, Maybe the priests were making sure everyone else was out first?  maybe some were sticking by Sicco?  I thing the former is more likely but who knows.



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