I love TERRIBLE ideas

I have lost of ideas for Warcraft that are awful.  Number 1 on my list is replacing the Park in Stormwind with the Exodar.  It’s a stupid Idea.  It would be a ton of work.  There are game play and story reasons why it shouldn’t happen, but part of me thinks, “Man that would be so cool”.

What are some of your terrible ideas?  Something you secretly would like to change, but that you know, should not happen.





3 thoughts on “I love TERRIBLE ideas

  1. Personally, I think the tedrassil tree should be transplanted into the Stormwind Park. I think we have enough shamans and druids around that we could make this happen.Granted the docks of stormwind would have to be moved and it’d require a flight path to get to them from SW.


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