Players are About to Make a HUGE Mistake!

I realized that in Legion, player characters are going to making a huge mistake.  It’s going to make everything we did in Wrath of the Lich King look like a good idea.

Traditionally in Warcraft empowering a champion has been a terrible idea, especially against the Burning Legion.  Lets look at some examples,

Sargeras – Empowered by the Pantheon to fight demons, corrupted by demons.

The Guardians – Empowered by the Council of Tirisfal to fight demons, corrupted by demons.

Illidan – Stole power from demons, to fight demons, defeated by the Lich King.

The Legion brings an ARMY.  It was unreasonable for the Pantheon and the Guardians to think they could give one individual enough magic items and power to defeat an army of countless demons.  If anything it makes it EASY for the Burning Legion to win.  Simply corrupt that one individual and all is lost.


Now it’s our turn to pick up our Artifact Weapons and be THE Champion.  One against innumerable odds.  Sure we can mow down their foot soldiers like they are nothing, but for how long?

We are most powerful when we are a part of a group.  No matter how powerful and individual is, they will fall to an army.  The most powerful and immutable things in Warcraft are the groups: the Burning Legion, The Alliance, The Horde.

The Moral of Warcraft is “Strength in Numbers”

After thought: I know that Illidan is very different that the other examples I gave.  The way I see Illidan as a character is someone who is trying to amass personal power.  I know he wants to fight the legion from the inside or whatever, but he thinks he can do it as a one man show.  Who knows, maybe he has learned this lesson and is coming back to teach us in Legion.  That could make him our only hope.



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