Confession time

I have a confession to make.  I did not buy Warlords of Draenor until just now.

I just dropped the $12.49 for the game and completely forgot that new expansions do not come with a free month of game time.  Now I am in the weird place of having to pay MORE than I just paid for the expansion to play the expansion.

$12.49 for the right to pay $14.99 to play the game (for one month).

I really hate the subscription model for games like this.  I just don’t understand why I have to pay an entrance fee if I then also have to pay to go on all the rides.

If we paid for expansions OR for subscriptions I might get that, but I don’t understand paying for both.

MoochThis is the cheap bastard I have become.

What you can’t see in this picture is the $437.70 I paid from 1/7/2005 to 1/3/2009

And that number is not including what I paid for expansions (At full price when they launched)

I know blizzard is not going to change their price model for WoW, ever.  It’s to ingrained.

Unfortunately it’s also out of reach for me now that I’m no longer a slacker college kid. I have a family and a job and just can’t justify the subscription cost.  Forget paying the $44.97 it would cost for my wife, my oldest son, and me to play.

This isn’t meant to be a rant.  I’m not angry about the situation, just bummed.

Family price plans, reduced subscription cost for people who’ve not upgraded to the current expansion.  There are lots of things that could be experimented with at least.

To end on a positive note: I love my Veteran account.  When I have a free moment every few months I hop on and go to the dark moon faire or some holiday quests.  Thank you for that Blizzard!



Cool Stuff for Old Classes

My Tinker post got me thinking.  Horns, blindfolds and scales are cool options.  Glowing blue eyes are cool too (although, NOT actually an ‘option’)

What cool cosmetic things could other classes have?

Death Knight – WaroftheColossalBeastThe glowing blue eyes
are cool.  but the custom faces and hair colors are lackluster.

What could they use? Half skull! like in the movie “War of the Colossal Beast (1958)”  More skeletal features, maybe pustules like the super zombies.

Druid – DruidCustomDruids and character customization are not friendly.  Any option you give to the base model you have to give to the animal forms.  For some reason Animal forms are treated like individual creatures rather than as races, so it’s a lot more work to customize them.

Malfurion gives us a lot to work with.  Antlers are obvious, but we have plenty of transmogs to handle those.

Druids could ‘grow'(?) feathers and clawed hands and feet, maybe a beak if you like that.

Mage – Mages are mostly normal people. What could a mages have? Probably something floating around them, like ion stones.

Monk – I’m good with Monks because they already have full sets of custom animations that no one gets. That’s great! New Run/Walk/Stand animations might work to set them more apart, but making those look different AND natural could be a big challenge.

Paladin –PaladinRune I would like the see the Draenei share their forehead glow rune with other paladins. Make it a quest to go get blessed by a Naaru and it could change depending on which one you visit.

Priest – Thematically Priests and Paladins have been similar for a long time.

Priests could glow with an Aura that changes color based on race and spec, but I also want to stay away from too many particle effects.

Shaman and Warlock – For me these too classes have the problem of overlapping with the new Demon Hunters.

I would give shamans tattoos.  It would not be hard to make the tattoos look very different from the demon hunter ones.  A different set of colors alone would accomplish that.

Warlocks, all I can think of is horns and wings.

Hunter, Rogue, and Warrior – Hunter along with Rogue and Warrior are kind of generic.  Best I could think of was allowing rogues to scale down to be ~6 in. shorter, Warriors to scale up to be ~6 in. taller.

For Hunters… scars?  There is no reason to give hunters scars over the other two.  My warrior needs badass scars on his face like Varian, but I can’t imagine what to give hunters, without going back to the animal features available to Druids above.


Tinker Class Options

Playing with the Demon Hunter options on WoWHead made me wonder what a Tinker hero class would look like.  Death Knights have some custom features, but nothing too drastic.  Demon Hunters get a whole bunch of new stuff, horns, scales, blindfolds.  What would a tinker get?

Well, hopefully we could get as much customization on our machines as we have on our character.


I don’t think all the options above should be available to everyone.  I included what could be exclusive designs for Gnomes, Dwarves, Draenei, Goblins, Orcs, Trolls, Undead, and Blood Elves.

If they ever did add a Tinker Class I would hope it was Ranged DPS (Guns/Rockets) Tank (Siege Pilot/Mekgineer) and Healer (Alchemist/Chemist)

Undead Tinker Tanks, instead of piloting a mechanical battle suit devices could turn themselves in to abominations of some kind.



Sargeras is Terrible at Being a Demon

Demons in Warcraft are Chaotic and Evil.  They want to spread pain and misery and excerpt power over others and fuel powerful magics with the souls of the innocent.

The Titans are Orderly and Good*. They want to excerpt control over the universe in a mechanical and predictable way.  They set things on a certain path, and don’t appear to want those things to be mutable.

What Sargeras wants is still a completely predictable immutable universe, just one that is empty.  The Burning Legion as a whole has no idea what Sargeras’ end game is (from what I understand). No one is sitting down with rank and file demons laying out ‘the plan’ for the new cosmos and converting them willingly.  They are intimidated, fel-infused or killed. Demons follow a ‘might makes right’ philosophy, and the fallen Titan might just be the single mightiest individual in the Warcraft cosmos.

In the end, when every world is burned, and all living creatures serve the Legion, how will the hordes of evil fel creatures react when ordered to fall on their swords and end the last remain lives in the universe (their own)?

No, His goals are completely different than the demons he controls. His methods align with how demons operate, but Sargeras is still doing the same thing he was doing when he was still the Champion of the Pantheon, re-ordering the universe.



Honestly, the Pantheon might not be any better.  Their ideal of life might seem like a mechanical parody, devoid of any meaning.  They might look at us as horribly corrupt and disgusting, and be just as quick to try and eliminate us in favor something ‘better’.

Titans or Old Gods, these unfathomably powerful creatures are a threat to us no matter what.  We can’t afford to live in the shadow of any creature that looks down on us as if it is a god.

*as far as wee know.

Everything Old, New again!

Blizzard announce a while ago that they are revamping StarCraft, Warcraft III, and Diablo II for modern systems.  I assume that means they will work better on Windows 10 and Mac and whatnot (not a big deal)  I’m hoping that they update the interface for mobile (that would be a big deal!).

BUT, what I hope MOST is that they update the stories.  There have been story ret-cons and characters that have cropped up that were ‘there the whole time’ and they could take the opportunity to put those things back in to those games.

Blizzard might be planning on updating the old engines to run on the modern devices, and if they do that, some graphical updates would be all I expect.  BUT if they have to remake the engines then they will have to do a lot of stuff from scratch.  It would be a great opportunity to tighten those stories.

It also makes a lot of sense in relation to the movie and the Warcraft Chronicles book that is coming out.  They seems to really be focusing on the backstory (maybe even to much, but that’s for another post.)

Heroic Mekkatorque Flying Machine and Thermaplugg Submarine? (Please?) 😀 … Oh $#!& that would have to be Warcraft 2.  Dang it. 😦



Gnomeregan Hazardous Material Dissipators

Before the dark portal Gnomeregan was a very peaceful place.  Each gnome had a job and a role and they did their part to keep they city as a whole working at maximum efficiency.

The techniques utilized by current gnome “destruction” warlocks were developed for use by members of the Gnomeregan Hazardous Material Dissipators.  These gnome Incinerationists were in charge of removing dangerous materials from the city.  Any material that could not be eliminated through mundane means was pushed ‘outside’ to the twisting neither.

Two clarifications:

  1. Gnome Warlocks aren’t sanitation workers like garbage men, that was mostly handled by the Gnomeregan Water Works.
  2. We were not just throwing garbage in the twisting nether.  We established a dump so we knew where it was landing.

I was giving a Dark Iron warlock a tour and he was very offended because he mis-assumed the two points above.

These gnomes specialized in eliminating ‘surprises’ that resulted from experiments, taking down crazed robots, and sucking poisonous volatile fumes out in to the nether.  Like an experiment gone wrong S.W.A.T. team.  They showed up when things went really bad, and eliminated everything.

They were a pain in my butt when building the Irradiator 3000.  They kept showing up to confiscate materials and destroy things.  I had to get Mekkatorque to cut their resources and put them under my jurisdiction until I could finish my plans.


The Gnomeregan Geo-architects

Before the dark portal Gnomeregan was a very peaceful place.  Each gnome had a job and a role and they did their part to keep they city as a whole working at maximum efficiency.

The techniques utilized by current gnome “shadow” priests were developed for use by members of the Gnomeregan Geo-architects.  These gnome Dowsers excelled in scouting out new paths for tunnels to expand Gnomeregan ever deeper in to the heart of Azeroth.

The skill set used was rare among gnomes for a long time.  Few could master the arts of ‘sensing’ what was deep under the terrain.  Combine that with the dangers inherent in being the first to explore newly excavated tunnels and you can imagine how few and far between these gnomes were.

The Cataclysm compromised the integrity of the whole city in one way or another, and so a call was put out and many more gnomes began to learn these esoteric arts.


Here is a picture of me giving it a shot.  I could hear the call from the darkness of the earth, but I felt that gnomes future was on the surface among the taller races, not hiding in the darkness.