People Like to level from 1 to 100?

I got a lot of push back on my “Leveling is Outdated” post.

The biggest point people seemed to have is that leveling teaches you how top play your class.  I’m all for people learning how to play before they group up.  But I don’t think the current process of grinding your way up from level 1 teaches you much.  If anything it lets players form bad habits, because those low levels are so easy.

I also get that it is quick now to level with heirlooms and stuff.  But honestly, it still takes weeks that don’t amount to much once you’ve completed them.  If you play one race, it’s really easy to end up doing the exact same path as you level up.

The old world will be empty.  it will be COMPLETELY empty.  Except for people going back for loremaster or Transmog gear.  I’m ok with that, because if those old levels are not being used for leveling content, they can be used for FUTURE content.  If all characters are boosted to 100 then all those old world leveling zones are free to be reinvented in to new end game zones.

I know people were not happy with Cata.  With Cata we got ~7 new zones to play in, and ~40 reworked old zones, that people were largely indifferent to, because nobody wants to level. We are at that age again where the old leveling zone are painfully monotonous to level through.

Once 8.0 launches I would like to see every character boosted to level 100. we can level though the ‘old content’ of Legion, do a proving ground and move on to the story in 8.0.

8.0 could hit even closer to home that legion is.  Any zone could go through a change as massive as the vale of eternal blossoms.  Imagine Westfall or Silverpine as endgame zones.

Let me know what you think!

Is leveling good for the game/player?

What old world zone would make an awesome endgame zone?

Note: I know I referenced Cataclysm and The vale of Eternal Blossoms, but I would rather see the zones built up, rather than torn down. My personal preference would be more Lakeshire Bridge, less Stormwind Park.




2 thoughts on “People Like to level from 1 to 100?

  1. My problem is that the lower levels are missing so many abilities, that you can’t form any habits until you are properly un-gimped by getting to level 80 or higher. Even then, you can’t learn the “proper” rotations until you cap.

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