Gnome Shaman!

Gnomes should be shaman.  I mean Goblins can do it.  Dwarves can do it.  If those knuckleheads can make it work, we can too!

Gnomes are also the Master Summoners of Azeroth.  If anyone is going to call forth the biggest and baddest extra dimensional entities (that have no place in this world) it’s going to be us!


The whole “commune with your ancestors” thing seems to be going away from Shamans, and they seems to be focused more on Elemental Power and Summoning.  That is a step towards Gnomes my friends.  We are all about examining and understanding sources of power.  Gnomes want to know whatever can be known.

If the religious ritual trappings are being dropped in favor of a more pragmatic role of keeping the elemental plane in check, then count gnomes in!

There also used to be these ‘Artificial Extrapolators’ in Gnomeregan.

They are still there, but you can’t interact with them any longer because the quest to collect ‘Essential Artificial’ was removed.

They open up an interesting question. Is it possible that there is some kind of ‘Artificial Element’ that has gone unnoticed?

*This is another race class combo that doesn’t make as much sense to me personally, but in my poll more people voted for it than against it.  If you want a gnome Shamans, please comment and let me know, why? and what would Shamanism bring to Gnomes?  What would Gnomes bring to Shamanism?


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