Gnome Druids

Gnomes should be druids.  It’s obvious that the original prime directive of mechagnomes in Northrend is to preserve and maintain the integrity of knowledge and information for the titans.  If the Emerald Dream is a ‘back-up’ copy of Azeroth on an external hard drive.  It makes sense that gnomes would have an ingrained imperative to protect it, and shield it from corruption.


The Archmage Arugal managed to contact the Emerald Dream through his mastery of Arcane arts, their is no reason that Master Summoners such as gnomes should have any more trouble than he did.

I’ve seen lost of jokes about funny forms that gnomes could take, (kittens, flowers, chickens) and I have seen serious posts about gnomes taking mechanical forms, by piloting mechs, or reversing the curse of flesh like Mechazod, but honestly, we don’t NEED any of that to make it work.

Gnomes strive to understand how things work (and improve them) why do people have such a hard time believing that gnomes can do things the normal way?  Gnomes would want to learn (because they want to learn everything) how Night Elves and Worgen turn in to animals, because they need to understand it before they can improve it.  Maybe some cool mech forms later, with glyphs or something, but first we need to learn how to do it, then  we can enhance it.

(Obligatory Gnome forms picture I’ve posted a million times.)


I would love to see an expansion that focused on druids and morphed them in to a hero class.  Open them up to all races, start them at a high level.  Lets face it.  Druids are a high fantasy class.  they are lore rich and thematically spectacular.  Speaking of SPECtacular, 4 specs?  That is totally a hero class.

*I personally don’t get Gnome Druids, but lots of people ask for them, so here there we go.


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