Gnome Paladins!

Gnome Paladins would be cool.  We’ve been in the Alliance sense paladins were ‘invented’.  Gnomes have priests, and are very strong in our convictions.  Just because you want to understand how something works doesn’t mean you don’t believe it.

The only argument against gnomes having paladins went away when gnomes got priests.  It would have made sense to add Gnome Paladins during Cataclysm, that is when they added these sweet gnome paladin items.

Vagaries of Time and Timepiece of the Bronze Flight


I hear a lot pf players ask for Gnome Paladins, but was surprised when I did a poll that overwhelmingly Gnomes wanted Hunters.   I hear people ask for Gnome Druids too, but that usually is just a set-up for a joke about what the forms would be.

Note: *I was going to write this post the day after my Gnome Hunters post, but then they literally announced Gnome Hunters that day, so it felt ungrateful to ask for another class right out of the gate.


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