Warcraft Dreams

I’ve had lots of dreams where I am my gnome character in Warcraft doing stuff.

Last night I dreamed that I (the real me) was in a fishing village.  there were small houses on stilts and small wooden bridge leading across the water, a river maybe.

The people there were all wearing light cloths and very thin and lean.  Real people in a real place.

Suddenly a Pandaren comes walking across the bridge.  The people in the village seemed surprised, but only slightly.  Like they knew who he was, but were not expecting him to show up.

I was terrified.  As much as I have made fun of Pandaren in the past for being silly, seeing a real life bear-man just over six feet tall scared the crap out of me.  He walked up to a guy and gestured towards him with his paw while saying something.  I thought to myself, “oh no! I’m about to see a guy mauled to death by a Half Man, Half Bear!”

That did not happen, they guy said something, they put their arms around each other and began to walk together.

“Ok, they are friends… weird”

Then I woke up.

Oh, did I mention the Panda was wearing a shiny purple suit?

It was a weird dream.

It did make me realize how much the cartoony style of Warcraft lets them get away with.  They is some deep and troubling topics that get covered in game, but the lighthearted attitude and soft art style keeps things from getting too oppressive.

There is so much stuff that goes by me in WoW that if I saw in real life I would lose my mind.  Really common stuff, like Orcs or Draenei.  I think this might be a side effect of the Warcraft Movie Trailer.  I suddenly have this much sharper idea of what the world of Azeroth looks like.  It’s a frightening picture.


Sheer. Purple. Terror… but also, friendly?


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