Mekkatorque/Thermaplugg Team Up! also Gnome History

Dwarves took everything from Gnomes in Warcraft 3.  Now I’m taking something from them!

Mortar Team!  Mortar Teams were added in Warcraft 3 and appear to be an extension of Warcraft 2’s Dwarven Demolition Squad.  If we were to reference the Warcraft 2 time period, that would be before “The Grand Betrayal” when Mekkatorque and I were still best friends.  (Even If I was already plotting against him.)

It would create an amazing opportunity for some very funny lines, and give us a tiny glimpse in to what gnome were doing in Warcraft 2.  With all the books that have been written and references to the history in the Warcraft Universe, we never hear anything about what Gnomes were doing in Warcraft 2, even though they were there on the front lines.  I imagine that Mekkatorque and Thermaplugg are both Veterans of the Second war, but there is zero information or history about them prior to the Third War. As much as gnomes need more presence in the current story lines and expansions, we need history too.  For us to build our characters and fell like we are a part of the world we need to know what Gnomes have been up to during the major events of the world.

Anyway, look at how awesome this mock up is?  And isn’t “The Grand Betrayal” a GREAT name for an ultimate ability!?




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