Mekkatorque in Heroes of the Storm

Mekkatorque was not announced at Blizzcon2015 for Heroes of the Storm.  Which is disappointing, but it does increase my chances of winning my bet with @Arakkoa.  He and I had an interesting discussion about why and if Mekkatorque will make it in. I am going to outline my perspective and I invite him to do the same.

  1. ClassicMekkatorqueSMALLGazlowe as the Tinker.  Gazlowe is filling the steampunk niche that exists in Warcraft.  His goblin shredder fill the aesthetic space that a Mekkatorque in a vehicle would also occupy.
  2. Falstad as the Flyer.  Falstad is always flying.  The mods that were teases for Mekkatoque show him in a plane, so I think it would be safe to assume he is a flying unit.  Falstad already has this game mechanic hook.  When they release new heroes, they look for interesting new gameplay hooks to differentiate them.
  3. Representative of his Game.  Mekkatorque has such a small presence in Warcraft’s story and Action, that there isn’t a lot to reference back too.  flyingmachineThe plane he was shown flying in the teaser is based on the flying machine from WC3. Quote, “Mechanical flying machine flown by a Dwarven pilot.”  Gnomes had been written out of Warcraft when WC3 came along and all their kit had been added to dwarves.  Mechatorque does fly a plane in WoW, and there isn’t any noteworthy Areal combat to reference, so no player experience to replicate.
  4. Mekkatorque is a gnome.  I saved this one for last because I’ve been harping on Blizzard about ignoring gnomes all week.  I’m sick of hearing myself say it, so I am sure you are too.

I believe that we are far more likely to get either a Dwarven flying machine skin for Falstad.  Dwarves have been launching flying machines from Ironforge since vanilla.  It would make as much since (possible even more) for that to happen than for Mekkatoque to come in a plane.

I really would like to see a gnome in Heroes of the Storm, but It’s secondary to their need more story in WoW.  They need a rich and interesting identity to make them worth crossing over.



2 thoughts on “Mekkatorque in Heroes of the Storm

  1. I’ve given you my whole perspective. They’ve been slowly adding all the heroes from that datamined list, even though some took a while. Rexxar and Cho’gall have been added but still took months to get here. There is no reason to believe Mekkatorque would be different other than an irrational “Blizzard hates gnomes”. They don’t. They just have a very Horde-centric view and rarely come up with good ideas for using gnomes.

    And here, they already have one – his model is flying a plane. It may be an old model, but a Reddit Q&A confirmed they were updating it. Sure, Mekkatorque never drove a plane in WoW, but given that model is there, they had a very clear idea for a hero that has one, and already have a model with Mekkatorque in it, so changing it would be pointlessly spiteful. And no, he won’t be just a skin for Falstad because “flying” doesn’t mean it has to be a skin for Falstad. Brightwing certainly isn’t – because it represents a separate WC3 unit, just like a flying machine.

    Look at Artanis too – he’s been previously seen flying a Protoss Scout, and now he’s a melee character, so changing a character’s usual repertoire isn’t beyond them.

    All said, I’m absolutely convinced Mekkatorque will be here sooner or later. If you don’t believe me, it’s your choice, but you’ll see in time.

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